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Elemental Analysis

Quantitative CHN analysis is accomplished by combustion analysis of organic compounds. Solids, liquids and oils are examined. Air sensitive samples could be analysed also.

  • Staff

    Doris Wingbermühle
    © Doris Wingbermühle
    Doris Wingbermühle
    Elemental Analysis / Mass Spectrometry
    Room 3.41
    T: +49 251 83 33237

    Vertretung Cornelia Linz
    © C. Linz
    Vertretung Cornelia Linz
    Mass Spectrometry
    Room 2.52b
    T: +49 251 83 36580
  • Sample Submission

    Amount of Sample:

    • Pro Messung wird eine Menge zwischen 3 und max. 10 mg benötigt.

    Air Sensitive or Toxic Samples:

    • Can/should be encapsulated under inert gas/safety measures by yourself. Please contact us in advance!
  • Opening hours

    Monday – Friday: 08:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.