Sample Submission and Results

  • Sample Preparation

    Essentials for sample delivery are:


    •  Please, provide a completly filled out form. It is not necessary to fix the sample on the form.
    • The sample vial must be labelled durably with the same name as given in the form. (SpecQuest MS provides a label to be fixed on the sample with adhesive tape.)
      Please consider that the sample has to be removable without destruction of any information on the form or on the sample vial!
    • It makes little sense to measure mass spectra from highly reactive samples (for example, acid chlorides, sulfonyl chlorides, or the like), since the significance of such spectra is relatively low, because reactions with water, methanol, or the like are metrologically unavoidable.


    • Please, remove ionic components especially salts of buffers from your sample. Because they prevent a good ionisation.
    • Please, provide us with neat samples in a proper sealed and tight vial. A small (well visible) amount is sufficient. Because we have to dissolve the sample, provide information for an appropiate solvent. Information about alternative solvents is helpful.
    • If you have air and or moisture sensitive compounds, please contact us in advance.


    • GC-MS samples must never contain very acidic or basic material nor should they contain non volatile componends (rough cleaning by silica filtration in advance! Please confirm this cleaning procedure on the submission form: "Column Filtration for GC").
    • Samples for GC-MS should be measured on a GC-FID in advance. Please, provide that measured vial together with its gas chromatogram. If an EI mass spectrum already exists, it must also be submitted for the request for an accurate mass (mandatory for all groups with their own GC-MS!). Indication of the temperature program, injection volume and the solvents contained in the sample is mandatory as well.
    • Important (!): Once the septum has been pierced, a lot of silicone dissolves, which then dominates the resulting chromatogram! The sample peaks then disappear in the picket fence of the silicone peaks! Therefore, please replace the septum for a new one immediately after your own measurement! (It is also better not to stick the vial to the MS Request Form but place it upright in the rack of the delivery tray!)

    If you have questions feel free to ask us.

  • MS Request Forms

    SpecQuest MS (software for producing submission forms)

    SpecQuestMS is a software solution for producing MS and CHN submission forms. Those submission forms contain barcodes and are machine (and anyway better) readable.


    • Operator: easy and error free entry of NameID, SampleID and Filenames
    • Operator: no unnecessary further enquiries due to fragmentarily filled submission forms
    • Customer: distinct and consistent file name generation (better searchable in case of further requests)
    • Customer: fast generation of submission forms with less effort - sample labels are produced simultaneously.

    Considerations for use:

    • The software may be installed on any Windows computer (without admin rights).
    • You can ether produce MS or CHN request forms selecting the appropriate register card.
    • Each user is already in the institutes database when receiving his NameID. (Please supply missing information – MS-Department)
    • You login by your surname/nameID. This combination already fills further information (phone, e-mail) from the database into the form.
    • Printing the form is only possible after completing the requested information.
    • Must-have information is marked in red. The read mark will disappear after completing the request. The form is ready for printout after completion of all red marked requests.
    • For MS forms reaction schemes may be inserted by copy/paste from most chemical drawing programs. (Attention: Don't resize drawings within the drawing software before insertion!). Reaction schemes may also be drawn by hand after printout.
    • As there will already be a (machine readable) filename for the sample, please use one form for each single sample. A label to be fixed on the sample vial may be cut from the form after printout.
    • MS: For measurement an analytical question (like just molecular weight, accurate mass, fragmentation) has to be given. The choice of the appropriate mass spectrometry method or ionization technique is left to the operator. Information which method was used on similar previous samples and successfully gave the desired answer can and should be provided.
    • The software can only be run within the university network. Otherwise a VPN connection has to be made to the university network.
    • The software has a version control. In case of a too outdated version, the software will refuse to start.
    • The use of previous forms (Word doc, pdf) is still allowed although machine readable forms will possibly be handled faster.
    • Please use a Laser-Printer and take care for a good printing quality!

    The software is still under development. All feedback and feature requests are welcome!

    If you want to have samples from another institute measured in the Organic Chemistry Institute, please first contact the head of the mass spectrometry laboratory, Dr. Matthias Letzel.


  • Sample Delivery

    Sample Delivery
    © MLE

    Samples can be delivered and results collected in front of room 252a/b of the institut at any time.

    Sample delivery is not structured whereas for the dispatch individual shelves are provided for most groups.

    All samples are processed as quickly as possible, most of them within one day (depending on method).

  • Results

    In order to accelerate spectra delivery (especially for groups residing outside this building) we are delivering spectra exclusively via e-mail attachments now.

    For that reason please support this by using SpecQuest MS!

    Please note that we will only provide results to Uni Münster ( email addresses!

    Attention: This University regulation (April, 18th 2016) prohibits e-mail forwording to external, private e-mail services! Existing forward settings will be deleted. Please take care that you are able to receive your university e-Mails!

  • Sample Return

    Sample Return
    © MLE

    Samples will be disposed after measurement in the MS department. They will only be returned on special request (please indicate on the request forms). Return samples have to be taken until fridays 9 am; otherwise they will be disposed.

    The return shelves are accessable all day (24/7) in front of room 252a/b.