An excellent network

CiM postdoc Dr. Anna Junker
© CiM - Peter Grewer

The freedom to choose the topic of her work is important for pharmacist Dr. Anna Junker. This is why she decided on a career in research. Together with a CiM laboratory of her choice, she obtained funding for her position as a postdoc through the CiM postdoctoral programme, and can now develop a research ­project tailored to her skills and interests. Anna Junker ­investigates a receptor on the surface of cells that is not only important for the development of anti-coagulants but also might be important for diagnosing prostate cancer.

“Thanks to CiM, I can make use of an excellent professional network,” says Anna Junker. The Cluster has established the CiM Young Academy, a career development network, which Anna Junker and other postdocs manage together. The Young ­Academy has hosted many events; for example, seminars on topics such as obtaining third-party funding or planning a ­career, as well as scientific talks. Anna Junkers’s greatest aim is to become a professor: “CiM and the Young Academy offer me the best conditions to achieve this goal.”