We’re doing our part!

© Peter Wattendorff

Siggi Spiegelburg, designer

My sponsored plant is the “princess flower” (Tibouchina urvilleana). I have become a sponsor because the Botanical Garden is an inspiring place for me.

© Peter Wattendorff

Georg Krimphove, master baker

As a master baker, I naturally had to sponsor the “cake tree”. As a young boy I loved entering the greenhouses because I felt like an adventurer, discovering distant countries.

© WWU - Peter Grewer

Prof Dr Johannes Wessels, Rector of WWU Münster

My sponsored plant is the “exploding cucumber” (Cyclanthera brachystachya) which I chose because the name fascinates me, and I would like it cared for with caution.

© W

We thank Wall GmbH for the support of the sponsorship campaign.