The Botanical Garden

The botanical garden has a total area of ca. 5 ha with 2000 sqm of greenhouse area. 5 out of 10 greenhouses are open throughout the year to the approximately 200,000 visitors per year. In total 7010 different plant species and cultivars are cultivated (14th of June 2023) in various collections and seasonal ornamental plantings. The collections of the Botanical Garden are presented according to the following categories:


Geographical collections

•    High mountains
•    Mediterranean flora
•    Flora of Australia and New Zealand
•    Semi-deserts of Southern USA, Mexico and the Andes (succulents)
•    Flora of the Canary Islands
•    Cape flora of South Africa

Cape flora of South Africa
© BG Münster
Mediterranean flora
© BG Münster

Botanical Collections

•    Pelargonium (research collection)
•    Spikemosses (research collection)
•    Carnivorous plants (research collection, under construction)
•    Parasitic plants (research collection, under construction)
•    Seed plant system
•    Epiphytic plants
•    Spore plants
•    Arboretum

Research collection of Pelargonium
© BG Münster

Teaching collections

•    Medicinal plant garden
•    Sensory garden
•    Farm garden
•    Tropical crops
•    Convergence collection (Succulents)

Victoria house
Victoria house
© Uni MS/ Botanischer Garten
Convergence collection (Succulents)
© BG Münster
Farm garden
© de Lamor-Sellés Schneider

Collections of local flora

•    Birch-oak forest
•    Heathland, dune, sand grasslands
•    Bog
•    Lime beech forest
•    Limy grassland

Heathland, dune, sand grasslands and bog
© de Lamor-Sellés Schneider