Mission statement
Mission statement

Mission statement

The primary role of the Botanical Garden Münster is to support scientific research and the education of students at the University of Münster.
In addition, the garden devotes its resources to making the world's plant diversity and plant scientific discoveries known to the public.
With help of its living (ex situ) plant collections, the garden contributes to the conservation of endangered plant species and plant biodiversity in general.

Finally, the garden serves as a place to rest, relax and get inspired.


Research and Education

•    Cultivation, plant collection maintenance and the collection of new plant material as a basis for research and teaching.
•    Courses and field practicals from the life sciences and related disciplines.
•    Research on and presentation of, among others, plant evolution and systematics, as well as ecological interactions between plants and their environment - from the molecular biological to the ecosystemic level.

Systematic of seed plants
© de Lamor-Sellés Schneider

Public relations

•    Presentation of the diversity of plants, their myriad forms and functions, and forms of use by humans.
•    Presentation of nature conservation topics, working towards a deepened understanding of nature and acceptance of conservation measures.

Leaves of Pelargonium
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Sand grassland and Heathland
© BG Münster

Conservation of biological diversity

•    Worldwide information exchange and scientific cooperation with botanical gardens.
•    Setup and maintenance of living plant collections.
•    Focus on otherwise less well represented plants groups as well as on endangered elements of the native flora.

Plant collection New Zealand
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Viola guestphalica
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