Promotion group: Fördererkreis Botanischer Garten der Universität Münster e.V.

Pavilion financed by promotion group
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The promotion group of the botanical garden was founded in 1990 in order to support the botanical garden of the WWU Münster with it’s multifarious tasks.

The botanical garden as a scientific facility is an uncomplicated but important link between a wide range of the class of population and of the institution university. Without charge it provides the public with personal information and furthermore it places recreation at the visitor’s disposal for the whole of the year.

In order to meet these high standards the botanical garden is depending on the ideational and material support by the exterior parts. This is where the promotion group comes into play to heighten the publicity, to help actively in the garden and most of all to help by own donations or to help finding possible donators in order to enlarge the moderate financial possibilities.



Canopy financed by promotion group
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With the help of the promotion group it had been achieved to have an attractive garden tour-guide printed out as well as to establish an own scientific series and leaflets on the areas of the garden or special topics. The big amount of large-sized information boards, especially in the new system facility, but also in other areas of the garden, had also been provided with the help of the promotion group. Internally the public relations had been supported by buying PCs, printers and programmes. For the 200-year-anniversary in 2003 the garden had been given ten new benches and many more were given to it in the following years. One doesn’t have to underestimate the support of the promotion group concerning smaller purchases like tools, ground material, groves, etc.

For this the promotion group offers it’s members as well a widely ranged programme with smaller trips into the surrounding areas. Regular guided tours through the botanical garden and visits to external expositions or other botanical facilities. Expositions in the botanical garden, presentations and seminars top it off.

Once a year the garden party (Veilchenfest) is celebrated that unifies the garden staff with the members in order to make further common plans in a nice atmosphere.

Support our promotion group by becoming a member or making a donation. Thank you very much!

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For further information about the promotion group you can contanct the Botanical Garden by mail ( or by phone (+49 251 83 21618).

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