FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In this list you will find answers to the most frequently asked general questions about working at BACCARA, respectively working in Germany:

Details about the work conditions in Germany:

What does payment mean according to 67% TVL-13?

It is the standard salary for doctoral students in Germany, normally you only get paid 100% after promotion. The salary comes out at roughly 1800 € per month (net of tax) at 67%, so you can live well from this and you do not need to take on a second job.

Is a health insurance mandatory in Germany?

Yes, in Germany, health insurance with a German insurance company is mandatory.  The contributions will automatically be deducted from your salary. You are free to choose an insurance company. You should take care of this before going abroad.

Do I need a bank account in Germany?

After your arrival to Germany, it is necessary to open a bank account your salary can be transferred to.

How many days of vacation am I entitled to?

Employees who are subject to the TV-L have a holiday entitlement of 30 days in each calendar year if their weekly working time is spread over five days in the calendar week.

What happens when I am ill?

In case of incapacity to work due to illness, the remuneration will continue to be paid until the end of the 6th week but not beyond the end of the employment relationship - a doctoral certificate of incapacity of work is mandatory from the third day of sick leave. The employer must be notified immediately of the incapacity for work.

Details about the application process:

How can I submit my application at CPJobs?

There is no extra “submit button” in the portal. Your application will be generated after you have registered. However, you have the possibility to modify it until deadline ends.