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After you have finished your studies or your employment at the University of Münster, you can continue to use your ...@uni-muenster.de e-mail address (with your userID) as a forwarding address if you are a member of the Alumni-Club Universität Münster. Just give us an address to which the e-mails sent to the university address can be forwarded. Thus you can be reached through your old university e-mail address even after you have left us.

Installing your forwarding address

You can change this forwarding address at any time by going to the IT-Portal of the University [en]. After logging in, select "Email " from the menu on the left, then "Email Forwarding", and fill in the form accordingly.

Please note that any forwarding of emails to an address outside the University of Münster can only be set up after you are no longer enrolled or employed at the University. If your contract or your period of study has already ended and it is still not possible to set up a forwarding process, please use the IT-Portal to check and see whether you are still a member of any user groups other than “y0alumni” (username and group memberships > list of all group memberships). If this is so, please contact the relevant user group leaders (e.g. at your institute) so that they can delete your username from the user group. Afterwards, you should be able to set up the forwarding process.

Access to UNIKAP.MS

With your userID you also have access to the careers portal UNIKAP.MS of the Careers Service.

The following are unfortunately not possible:

  • sending emails via the Münster University email address; saving emails in your in-box. It is only possible to receive emails via a forwarding process
  • setting up a forwarding process to an email address outside Münster University if you are still enrolled or employed at the University
  • renewing several usernames for one and the same person
  • logging into computers at the University
  • using a VPN client for access to specialist databases etc.
  • using the Campuscloud sciebo
  • using Microsoft Azure/Office 365
  • using Microsoft Exchange
  • using the Learnweb

How to renew your e-mail account/your userID

Renewal during the registration process

In order to use your e-mail address/your user identity as a forwarding address, you must register as a member of the Alumni-Club Universität Münster.
When you register, you will be asked for your userID (“Nutzerkennung”) and for the e-mail address that you wish to renew. As soon as your Alumni-Club membership has been confirmed, your userID and your e-mail address will be automatically renewed (as a forwarding address). Only one userID per person can be renewed. The aliases will remain valid.

Subsequent e-mail renewal

If you have already registered for the Alumni Club Universität Münster without renewing your e-mail address/your user identity, please contact us at alumni@uni-muenster.de or 0251 83-22241.

Duration of the renewal

The validity of your e-mail address/user identity will initially be extended for two years. If you are then still a member of the Alumni-Club Universität Münster, the validity of your e-mail address (as forwarding address) will be automatically extended. You do not need to contact us.