The Fürstenbergplatz at the Alumni Day 2018.
Meeting old friends and making new contacts: Alumni Day 2018 at the Fürstenbergplatz in Münster.
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The Alumni-Club WWU Münster

It is very important to the University of Münster to build up close and long-lasting ties with its former students. To achieve this, the Alumni-Club WWU Münster was founded in 2001, and today more than 25,000 alumni of the university are members, so the Alumni-Club is the biggest network of the university. Register here for the Alumni-Club WWU Münster.

We would like to offer you the possibility to keep in touch with your alma mater and with your former fellow students, even after you have received your degree. In addition to this, the Alumni-Club offers its members the option of many benefits, all free of charge. Discover our benefits.

With the donations of our members we support students and special projects at the university. You can find an overview of the sponsorship projects here.

We also extend a heartfelt welcome to all former members of staff, both academic and administrative. In addition, all former students of the Musikhochschule Münster (School of Music) and of the former Pädagogische Hochschule Münster (University of Education) (both of which have now been taken over by Münster University) are welcome to join the Alumni-Club WWU Münster. Even if you are still enrolled or actively working at the University of Münster, you are welcome to become a member already.

The Alumni-Club is part of the fundraising department and cooperates with the alumni associations of our departments, institutes and faculties. They make it possible for alumni to keep up direct, immediate ties with their own academic discipline.

Alumni associations of our departments, institutes and faculties

Fundraising department

What does the word "alumni" mean?

The word “alumni” comes from Latin. An alumnus or (feminine) alumna is, literally, someone who has been “nourished”. In the Roman Empire the term was applied to foster children; today the word is used to describe the former students and employees of a university.