Leonard Kreutz

Applied Mathematics
Universität Münster
Einsteinstr. 62
Office: SRZ 329
D-48149 Münster
Tel. : +49 (0)251 83-30405

Research interests:

  • Calculus of Variations

  • Multiscale Methods

  • Atomistic models and discrete-to-continuum limits

Short vita:


  • (with M. Cicalese, G. P. Leonardi) Wulff-crystals in FCC and HCP lattices. Preprint [Preprint]

  • (with M. Friedrich, K. Zemas) From atomistic systems to linearized continuum models for elastic materials with voids. Preprint [Preprint]

  • (with M. Friedrich, K. Zemas) Geometric rigidity in variable domains and derivation of linearized models for elastic materials with free surfaces. Preprint [Preprint]

  • (with A. Chambolle) Crystallinity of the homogenized energy density of periodic lattice systems. submitted [Preprint]

  • (with M. Friedrich, B. Schmidt) Emergence of rigid Polycrystals from atomistic Systems with Heitmann-Radin sticky disk energy. Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal.. [Preprint, Article]

  • (with A. Bach, M. Cicalese, G. Orlando) The antiferromagnetic XY model on the triangular lattice: topological singularities. Indiana Univ. Math. J.. [Preprint]

  • (with A. Bach, M. Cicalese, G. Orlando) The antiferromagnetic XY model on the triangular lattice: chirality transitions at the surface scaling. Calc. Var. PDE. [Preprint, Article]

  • (with M. Friedrich) Finite crystallization and Wulff shape emergence for ionic compounds in the square lattice. Nonlinearity 33 (2020), pp. 1240–1296. [Preprint, Article]

  • (with P. Piovano) Microscopic validation of a variational model of epitaxially strained crystalline film. SIAM J. Math. Anal., to appear [Preprint, Article]

  • (with M. Friedrich) Crystallization in the hexagonal lattice for ionic dimers. Math. Models Methods Appl. Sci. (M3AS) 29 (2019), pp. 1853–1900 [Preprint, Article]

  • A homogenization result for weak membrane energies.Preprint [Preprint]

  • (with A. Braides) Optimal design of lattice surface energies. Calc. Var. PDE 57, 97 (2018) [Preprint, Article]

  • (with A. Braides) An integral-representation result for continuum limits of discrete energies with multi-body interactions. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 50(2) (2018) 1485–1520 [Preprint, Article]

  • (with A. Braides) Optimal bounds for periodic mixtures of nearest-neighbour ferromagnetic interactions. Rendiconti Lincei-Matematica e Applicazioni 28(1) (2017) 103–117 [Preprint, Article]