Seminar: Stochastic Homogenization

Dates: tbd
Lecturer: Prof. Martin Huesmann, Prof. Caterina Zeppieri
Course syllabus: In many applications, like e.g. porous media or composite materials, one needs to model heterogeneous media. Often this leads to studying partial differential equations with coefficients randomly varying on a microscopic scale. However, on macroscopic scales these media often show an effective behavior which can be described by a much simpler (and often deterministic) macroscopic model. This large-scale limit is captured by the so-called stochastic homogenisation.

This seminar offers an introduction to this topic which is suitable for Bachelor- and Masterstudents.
Preliminary meeting:

Fr. 24. Januar 2020 -- 12 Uhr s.t.
Raum 120.029/039 (Besprechungsraum Angewandte Mathematik)

or after arrangement with the lecturers