•  Teaching

    WS 2020/21 Coordination of exercises: konkrete Mathematik
    SuSe 2021 Bachelors seminar on selected topics from stochastics for teachers 

  • Publications

    • Fluctuations of the magnetization in the Block Potts Model (2021)
      joint work with Matthias Löwe, Holger Sambale
      [arXiv Preprint]
    • Rate of convergence for products of independent non-Hermitian random matrices (2019)
      to appear in EJP
      [arXiv Preprint]
    • Rate of convergence to the Circular Law via smoothing inequalities for log-potentials (2018)
      joint work with Friedrich Götze
      in Random Matrices: Theory and Applications
      [arXiv Preprint]
    • Rate of convergence for non-Hermitian random matrices and their products (2020)
      PhD Thesis Universität Bielefeld