Dates and deadlines

Deadlines for registration (QISPOS) and dates for the written module examinations are updated regularly.

Summer term 17/18:

All seminars and lectures will start in week 15 (April 9th).

If you like to submit any written documents via post (e.g., in order to de-register from an examination), please send the post to Dr. Dennis Dreiskämper, Institute for Sport and Exercise Sciences, Department Sport Psychology, Horstmarer Landweg 62b, D-48149 Münster.

Important: If any problem occur for registration via QISPOS, please immediate contact your contact person in the “Prüfungsamt”.

You find direct access to QISPOS and all important information regarding QISPOS here.

Registration period for the summer turn will be April 23rd to June 19th. Please be aware of the fact, that all registrations for seminars and module examinations (also re-examinations!) are to be made via QISPOS. No other possibilities are available.



    Please consider the special information week announced by the „Fachschaft“ and special dates for Science students in ordert o get help in study administration’s first steps.

    Please register in the Service Center of our Institute by November 15th of your first year.

  • Erasmus

    Application to study abroad in winter before February 28th
    Application to study abroad in summer before September 1st
    Learning Agreement Advising at least 4 weeks before the exchange
    Hand in Table A+B at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the program at the guest university
    Hand in Table A2+B2 at the latest 4 weeks after the start of the program at the guest university
    Hand in Table C+D at the latest 2 weeks after return to the home university
    Course registration before February 25th, 2018


  • Module Examinations Winter Term 17/18

    Module Exam No Responsible Date Time Room
    M1 Basic Module 11010 Bohn 23.03.18 8-10 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M2 Sport Institutions and Participation 12030 Meier 22.03.18 10-11 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M2 Basics in Sports Medicine, Neuromotor Learning and Control, Motor Development 12010 Eils 20.03.18 8-10 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M2 Biological Psychology 12020 Storm 19.03.18 8-9:30 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M4 Basic Introduction to Research Methods and Statistics 14020 Strauß 21.03.18 8-9 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M5 Neuromotor Control and Modeling 15010 Wagner 05.02.18 8-9 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M6 Gender and Diversity 16010 Meier 07.02.18 8-9 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M8 Sport Psychology 18010 Strauß 06.02.18 8-9 Uhr Leo 17.21
    M9 Neurocognition and Performance 19010 Eils 08.02.18 8-9 Uhr Leo 17.21

    Please consider that the two exams block will in general (not guaranteed) always be

    Summer term:

    • first week after the semester (2018: July 23rd to 27th, M1, M2, M4)
    • last week in September (2018: September 24th to 28th, M5, M6, M8, M9)

    Winter term

    • first week after the semester (2019: February 4th to 8th, M5, M6, 8, M9)
    • last week in March (2019: March 25th to 29th, M1, M2, M4)