• Current Habilitations

    Topic Supervisor
    Dennis Dreiskämper

    Motor and Psycho-Social Development in Childhood - Measurement, Disctinction and Theory Development

    Bernd Strauß
    Maike Tietjens

    Linda Schücker Bernd Strauß
    Kim Joris Boström Heiko Wagner
    Till Utesch Bernd Strauß
  • Completed Habilitations (since 2005)

    Habilitant Topic Venia legendi Supervisor
    Michael Pfitzner

    Theoretical Principles and Empirical Findings from a Sport-Didactical Perspective

    Scientific Lecture: On the Way to inclsive Physical Education

    Postdoctoral Thesis: Lerning Tasks in Expertise-Promoting Physical Education.

    Sports sciences with special focus on sport pedagogy

    Nils Neuber
    Michael Brach

    (Changing habilitation)

    Sports sciences Bernd Strauß
    Jörg Schorer

    Cumulative Habilitation: Research of the Development and Identification of Experts in Sports

    Scientific Lecture: Focusing of Attention in Sensomotoric Control

    Sports sciences Bernd Strauß
    Norbert Hagemann

    Cumulative Habilitation: Visual Perception of Movement and Perceptive Training in Sports

    Scientific Lecture: Focusing of Attention in Sensomotoric Control

    Sports sciences Bernd Strauß
    Maike Tietjens

    Cumulative Habilitation: Physical Selfconcept in Sports

    Scientific Lecture: Research of Accidents in Physical Education of Schools

    Sports sciences Bernd Strauß
    Eric Eils

    Cumulative Habilitation

    Scientific Lecture: Control of Human Movement on the Basis of Sensory Information

    Movement Science Wolfgang Schöllhorn, Heiko Wagner
    Christoph Igel

    Cumulative Habilitation

    Scientific Lecture: Web 2.0 = eLearning 2.0? Opportunities and Risks of the "New Hype" for Sports Sciences

    Sports sciences with special focus on computer science in sports

    Bernd Strauß
    Jürgen Schwark

    Postdoctoral Thesis: Sport-Tourism - Principles and Areas of Application

    Scientific Lecture: Distinction and Social Capital in Golf

    Sports sciences, especially sports sociology

    Dieter Jütting
    Bernd Schulze

    Beginnings of a Systematic Theory of different Sports by the Example of Soccer

    Postdoctoral Thesis: Sports as Social Systems

    Scientific Lecture: Volunteering in Sports

    Sports sciences Dieter Jütting

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