Lena Ingrid Gertraud Fennen

Professorship for Motion Science (Prof. Wagner)
Lena Ingrid Gertraud Fennen

Horstmarer Landweg 62B, Room Seminar Gebäude 211
48149 Münster
T: +49 251 83-34866

Consultation hours

By appointment only.

External Profiles:

  • Research Areas

    • Foot and ankle biomechanics and pathologies
  • CV


    Master of Science at the WWU Muenster, Sports, Exercise and Human Performance
    Bachelor of Science at the WWU Muenster, Human Movements in Sports and Exercise


    Research assistant at the WWU Muenster, Department Movement Science
    Student assistant at the WWU Muenster, Department Movement Science
  • Publication

    • Haunhorst, Simon; Bloch, Wilhelm; Ringleb, Miriam; Fennen, Lena; Wagner, Heiko; Gabriel, Holger H.W.; Puta, Christian. . ‘Acute effects of heavy resistance exercise on biomarkers of neuroendocrineimmune regulation in healthy adults: a systematic review.’ Exercise Immunology Review 2022, No. 28: 36–52.
  • Talks

    • Fennen L, Dubbeldam R, Wagner H (): ‘A comparison of a multi-segment foot model to a one-segment foot model during balance tasks.’ International Foot and Ankle Biomechanics Meeting, i-FAB Committee and the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil, .
    • Fennen L, Karsten B (): ‘Relationship between Critical Power and Functional Threshold Power.’ World Conference of Cycling and Science, 4th Science and Cycling Conference, Düsseldorf, Germany, .