Konferenzbericht IVBM 2022, Oakland, California, USA

Antragsteller: Marvin Hubert
Fachbereich, Studienrichtung: FB 13, Doctorate Biology

Thanks to the generous support of the WWU Santander Mobility Fonds I was able to visit the 22nd International Vascular Biology Meeting (IVBM 2022 - https://www.ivbm2022.org/) held in Oakland, California, USA, October 13-17, 2022. This international conference spreads over five days of program composing of plenary and concurrent sessions reflecting diverse research topics in vascular biology presented by prestigious cardiovascular scientists around the world. At the conference, the most recent findings about blood vessel biology and new ways of biological imaging were presented and therefore provided an excellent opportunity to develop and discuss my own PhD project.

In detail, the conference topics encompassed several sessions about a variety of topics in cardiovascular biology such as developmental vascular formation, vascular disease conditions, vascular heterogeneity, vascular aging, endothelial cell biology, the neurovascular crosstalk, lymphatic development, regeneration and others. This broad range of expertise allowed me to think about new aspects of my research project and showed me new experimental methods to address arising questions in my project which revolves around the role of cell-cell adhesion molecules during collective endothelial cell migration in the developing zebrafish embryo.

Furthermore, I got various opportunities to directly discuss latest scientific research in the field and got to strengthen existing – and build up new collaborations that allow me to enhance the impact of my research with regard to an upcoming publication of my work. By presenting a scientific poster, I was able to further improve my presentation skills during short discussions and got a lot of new input to my PhD project.

In summary, visiting the conference helped me to gain new insights into novel experimental approaches and a deeper understanding of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of vascular biology. Moreover, I am confident that it was instrumental for improving the current state of my project and that it will help me to refine the direction of my current studies and my future career.


Since I had another day left before I went back to Germany, I was quite happy to have a look at the beautiful San Francisco Bay area. Among other things, I could visit the Golden Gate bridge and the California Academy of Science which I can hereby highly recommend.

Marvin Hubert, IVBM 2022, Oakland, California, USA
Marvin Hubert, IVBM 2022, Oakland, California, USA
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