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Wittkowski Son
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Detective work in theoretical physics

“Dynamical density functional theory (DDFT) and related methods have been developed and applied by a number of researchers in a variety of contexts,” says lead author Michael te Vrugt. “We investigated which approaches there are and how they are connected – and for this purpose we needed to do a lot of work acting as historians and detectives."
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Sfb Wide
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German Research Foundation to fund new Collaborative Research Centre "Intelligent Matter"

"Our programme combines interdisciplinary fundamental research and innovative applications. At the Center of Soft Nanoscience, the University of Münster has an excellent infrastructure to realize this programme. This CRC will further enhance the excellence and visibility of the core profile area of nanoscience at the University of Münster," says Bart Jan Ravoo.
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Nanophotonic Waveguides On A Silicon Chip
© P. Schrinner / AG Schuck

Controlling fully integrated nanodiamonds

Researchers at the University of Münster have now succeeded for the first time in fully integrating nanodiamonds into nanophotonic circuits and at the same time addressing several of these nanodiamonds optically.
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Infection Rate
© M. te Vrugt et al./Nature Research

Understanding the spread of infectious diseases

Physicists Michael te Vrugt, Jens Bickmann and Prof. Raphael Wittkowski from the Institute of Theoretical Physics and the Center for Soft Nanoscience at the University of Münster have developed a new model showing the spread of infectious diseases.
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Gatsogiannis Group
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New research group: High Resolution Cryo Electron Microscopy

"One of our first priorities will be to establish a cutting-edge cryoEM facility at the Center for Soft Nanoscience. We are excited about the numerous future opportunities for collaborative research and confident that the new infrastructure will set the stage for the development of novel biotechnological and therapeutic approaches."
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Bestthesisaward - Johannes Striebel
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Award for Johannes Striebel

Johannes Striebel received the "Best Thesis Award 2020" from the Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e. V.  for his Masters thesis "Harnessing Macrophages for Cancer Immunotherapy - Adhesion Arrays for Selective Macrophage Capture and Differentiation via Surface Structures." The prize is for 1250 Euros.
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Research Group Riehemann

Friederike Schlueter
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Working with Corona restrictions

"At the beginning of the Corona Pandemic we were not allowed to work in our laboratories. During that time I analysed data, wrote my doctoral thesis and read lots of publications at home. We held our weekly research group meeting online, making it possible to stay in touch with our professor and colleagues."
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Armido Studer
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Chemist admitted to Leopoldina Academy

With his work in the field of radical chemistry, Armino Studer has made a significant contribution to the renaissance of the chemistry of free radicals in organic synthesis and polymer chemistry.
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Hussaini Majiya
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Innovative dyes for keeping produce fresh

Hussaini Majiya is a guest scientist at the Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN), where he is collaborating with Dr. Anzehla Galstyan. They are investigating possible solutions for keeping produce fresh in Sub-Saharan Africa and have generated some exciting results.
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Energiequantisierung In Hochtemperatur-supraleitern
© Martin Wolff

Quantum technologies: New insights into superconducting processes

Researchers at the SoN and Jülich demonstrate for the first time energy quantization in nanowires made of high-temperature superconductors- where the temperature is brought to the level below which quantum mechanical effects predominate. The results are published in the journal "Nature Communications."
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Technical Assistant job opening

A part-time position as a Technical Assistant (BTA/CTA) is open at the Center for Soft Nanoscience beginning the first of March (or later). The position is for a project researching cell functions by structuring Nanocomposite-Hydrogels with 3D bioprinting. For full details see:
[Position filled]
Research Group Kehr

Ron Naaman
© Weizmann Institute of Science

Meitner-Humboldt Research Award for Ron Naaman

Because of the potential significant impact his collaboration with Helmut Zacharias’s group will have on future research in the area of chiral and helical molecules, the Meitner-Humboldt Research Prize is financing Ron Naaman’s cooperation with SoN researchers for the next five years.
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