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The Center for Soft Nanoscience

A new home for biomimetic systems

Part of the University of Münster and located near the Max Planck Institute of Biomedicine and the Nano-Bio-Centre, the new ultra-modern facilities at the Center for Soft Nanoscience (SoN) opened in 2018.

At the SoN, thirty-two teams conduct interdisciplinary research with state of the art nanoanalytics. Together, chemists, bio-physicists and biochemists, physicians and physicists probe the workings of functional natural materials and the systemic, self-organized structures of synthetic materials with controllable functions.

SoN research and methods

People and organisation

Twenty-eight research groups and four junior research groups in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine at the University of Münster conduct research in soft nanoscience at the SoN.

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Main Contacts

Principal Investigators

Junior Researchers

Facilities and equipment

The SoN houses state-of-the-art chemistry, biology and physics labs, including a fully equipped clean room and advanced microscopy and nanoanalytical instruments.

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Scientists at the SoN use super-resolution optical microscopy, electron microscopy, and femtosecond lasers to examine nanoscale systems. Nanotools are fabricated with molecular inks and various nanostructuring processes.

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