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Nanoanalytics workshop at the MNF

16th of May 2023

Learn more about nanoanalytics methods and tools at the Münster Nanofabrication Facility (MNF) in our upcoming workshop at the SoN. Discover new creative solutions and ideas for your research and discuss your needs with instrument experts. Join us on the 16th of May from 1-5pm.
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When interdisciplinary collaboration begins with the architecture

“The architecture of the building is spacious, open and transparent,” says Dr. Michael Seppi, who is responsible for the building at SoN. "Everything is suffused with light and, apart from the labs, there are not many thick, solid walls. This structure makes it easier for people to come together and it promotes communication in our everyday work...”
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Stay curious, and carry on asking, when others switch off

He is 27 years old and, as things stand, will soon have his second PhD – in Philosophy. He already has one PhD, in Physics. His Physics dissertation, which he completed in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Raphael Wittkowski at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, was the best in his year – as was his master’s thesis before that. It almost goes without saying that te Vrugt, who was born in Stadtlohn and attended the Gymnasium (grammar school) in nearby Ahaus, had the best Abitur result of his year.
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Where the borders between disciplines become blurred

The area where physics and chemistry meet lies somewhere in the realm of the minute – in the nano range: where molecules react with one another and the laws of quantum mechanics hold sway. One of the pioneers working in that area between chemistry and physics is Prof. Harald Fuchs, who heads the Nano- and Interfacial Physics working group at the University of Münster and is the Scientific Director at CeNTech.
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Inauguration of the cryoEM

19th of April 2023

Join us at the official opening ceremony for our brand new cryoEM center at the SoN! There will be a tour, official inauguration ceremony, keynote lecture and social event. Invited speakers will highlight recent advances in single-particle cryoEM and electron tomography and their application to fundamental biological questions.
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EU Research Council awards Frank Glorius with "ERC Advanced Grant"

The funding of 2.5 million euros is intended to enable the realization of an outstanding research project. Together with his team, Frank Glorius wants to develop methods of so-called energy transfer (EnT) photocatalysis with which new, pharmacologically relevant three-dimensional molecular structures can be produced - and this particularly efficiently and under mild reaction conditions that are not or hardly accompanied by undesired side reactions.
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Seeing cells at the atomic level: inauguration of Cryo-EM

No doubt about it: the new high-performance cryogenic electron microscope (cryo-EM) really is something special... Until just a few years ago, it was inconceivable that minute components of cells could be displayed to this degree of precision – down to individual atoms. “For me too,” says Christos Gatsogiannis, “although I’ve been working in this field for a long time now, this degree of detail is astonishing.”
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Understanding quantum mechanics with active particles

Physicists discover unexpected connection between active particles and quantum-mechanical systems. In collaboration with Prof. Eyal Heifetz from the Tel Aviv University in Israel, physicists Dr. Michael te Vrugt, Tobias Frohoff-Hülsmann, Prof. Uwe Thiele and Prof. Raphael Wittkowski have developed a new model (“active model I+”) for the dynamics of systems consisting of many active particles. The study is published “Nature Communications”.
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Photography prize for MNF

Melissa Pernice won second prize in an international photography competition for her picture of cleanroom engineer, Riya Gupta, in the Münster Nanofabrication Facility, located in the Center for Soft Nanoscience. Moodle, an open-source e-learning platform, selected the picture for demonstrating how student scientists complete online training for their work in the cleanrooms.
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Researchers show that chiral oxide catalysts align electron spin

Paul Möllers, a PhD student at the Center for Soft Nanoscience, examines chiral copper oxide films with a thickness of just a few nanometres which had previously been electrochemically deposited in a chiral form onto thin gold substrates by researchers from Pittsburgh.
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1st NU-WWU-Symposium on Smart Materials

The 1st international Northwestern University - University of Münster- (NU-WWU) Symposium on Smart Materials is being held from August 31st -  September 1st 2022 in the Center for Soft Nanoscience.
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