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University of Münster presents research in a new video

Get to know scientific excellence in three and a half minutes

Last year, the University of Münster revised and partially reorganised its research profile - based on a shared understanding of excellent research and social responsibility. In mathematics, the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and life sciences, the University promotes internationally renowned, cutting-edge research. The scientists involved combine basic research with application-orientated projects. A new video addresses these aspects in an entertaining way in around three and a half minutes and presents the complex challenges of the 21st century that scientists are working on.

As representatives of the numerous areas in which outstanding research is carried out, six people present their work in the video, thereby sharpening the view beyond the boundaries of their own science. Prof. Dr Christos Gatsogiannis, Prof. Dr Eva Viehmann, Prof. Dr Martin Winter, Dr Samuel Young, Prof. Dr Dr Hubert Wolf and Prof. Dr Dina El Omari make it clear that the University of Münster offers an ideal research environment for small and large subjects and is interdisciplinary and future-oriented - both in basic and applied research.

Against the backdrop of the 'Schloss', the video ends with a reference to the four "impact areas". These are areas in which the university bundles the disciplinary strengths and resources required to advance socially impactful, interfaculty and interdisciplinary cutting-edge research: "Dynamic Societies", "Healthy Individuals", "Conceptual Foundations & Emerging Technologies" and "Sustainable Futures". The university will also be presenting these four fields in videos over the course of the year.

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