Event: All Holy Years?
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All Holy Years? - Social and Political Transformations of the Papacy in the Modern Age

Prof. Dr. Mariano Barbato
Thursday, the 20th June 2024. 18 pm | Room KTh I, Johannisstr. 8-10
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The coming Holy Year 2025 is characterised by hope. Will a mass mobilisation of pilgrims succeed once again, thereby strengthening the Holy See's standing in the eyes of the world and in international relations? Or will the Pope's legions remain invisible this time? In this event, Mariano Barbato looks back on the rise of the papacy in modern times, which he attributes to the ability of popes to mobilise pilgrims.

From 2015 to 2023, Mariano Barbato headed the DFG project "Legions of the Pope" at CRM. In his lecture, he will provide an overview of the results of his many years of research, accompanied by a presentation of the resulting publications.

For organizational reasons, please register by 17 June at religionundmoderne@uni-muenster.de.