Submit applications no later than March 20th
Submit applications no later than March 20th

Four visiting fellowships for postgraduates / doctoral candidates from the SFB 1150 “Cultures of Decision-making”

You can download the full text here.

The Integrated Graduate School of the Collaborative Research Centre/ SFB 1150 “Cultures of Decision-making”, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) at the University of Muenster since July 1st 2015, is offering four visiting fellowships for postgraduates / doctoral candidates
in 2016 for a period of up to six months, starting in April 2016.

The fellowship is EUR 1.365 per month (tax-free; if applicable plus children’s allowance; statutory accident insurance cover according to § 2 Abs. 1 Satz 1 SGB VII; health and social insurance not included) with an additional grant for traveling expenses. For the time of the fellowship the visiting fellows are members of the Integrated Graduate School of the SFB 1150 and are expected to participate in the programme of the Integrated Graduate School as well as in the common activities of the SFB 1150.

The  Collaborative Research Centre/ SFB 1150 “Cultures of Decision-Making” examines the social practice und the cultural conditions of decision-making in a historical-comparative and interdisciplinary perspective from the Middle Ages to the present. The SFB 1150 addresses decision-making as a form of social action which is neither self-evident nor invariant, but which is based on changing social and cultural conditions. In the SFB 1150 different historical “cultures of decision-making” are reconstructed by examining selected social fields, asking: how decision-making was framed, modeled, performed and reflected in different historical contexts; what the culture-specific conditions underlying decision-making were in every case; in what ways it in turn shaped the institutional and power structure of society; and how and why cultures of decision-making changed over the long term. The SFB 1150 comprises three Project Areas and 20 projects from several disciplines (History, Literature, Law, Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology, Jewish and Byzantine studies) as well as a Graduate Centre.

You can apply for a fellowship if your PhD-project is located in the thematic und disciplinary framework of the SFB 1150. The language of communication within the SFB 1150 is German, German language skills are therefore recommended. Applications should be in English or German. They should include a letter of motivation of one page, an outline of the PhD-project of two pages, a CV, academic certificates, and a letter of reference preferably by your supervisor.

Please submit your application together with the documents if possible per e-mail and as one PDF document to the director of the Integrated Graduate School of the SFB 1150, Prof. Dr. Jan Keupp, by March 20th 2016:

Prof. Dr. Jan Keupp
Historisches Seminar
WWU Münster
Domplatz 20-22
D-48143 Münster

Should you have any questions about the application, please contact Prof. Dr. Jan Keupp via e-mail ( If you have questions about the SFB 1150, please contact the central office of the SFB 1150 (