Literary Form. History and Culture of Aesthetic Modeling

Münster, Germany, 5-7 October 2015

In the humanities and social sciences the topic of poetic form is celebrating an impressive comeback. Current projects are not only realigning dormant debates on morphology, gestalt or structure with the latest research in the history of science; they are also focusing on problems of (aesthetic) modeling, representation and formalization that emerge in science and technology itself. The international conference on ‘Literary Form. History and Culture of Aesthetic Modeling’ will build upon that recent interest in form from a comparative perspective: the perspective of classical and modern languanges, literatures, and media. It will investigate the function of aesthetic modeling for a transdisciplinary discourse on poetic form. In highlighting three central aspects of the history of literary form the conference may also contribute to the development of a new history of literary modeling: I. Theory of Form as a poetics of form (history of concepts), II. Form-Processing as a dynamics of semiotic, textual and generic production (history of devices) III. Cultures of Form as a practice of cultural and medial mediation of forms (history of transfers).


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