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Lecture by ZIN spokesperson Tillmann Buttschardt at the "Farbe der Forschung" conference

The "Farbe der Forschung 2024" conference will take place in Berlin from 15-16 March 2024. ZIN spokesperson and landscape ecologist Prof Tillmann Buttschardt will give a presentation on the topic of "Diversity - Synergy - Resilience: What advantages do new approaches such as syntropic agriculture and agroforestry systems offer?".

The conference will focus on the realisation that "mixed crops, great diversity and the development of healthy soils [...] can result in a significant increase in yield and resilience in agricultural crops." As part of the diverse programme, "farmers, researchers and experts will report on their experiences with mixed and diverse crops".

Further information on the event can be found on the conference homepage, registration is currently still possible (here or by email to farbe-der-forschungls-treuhand.de).