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ZIN employee Berenike Feldhoff comments on initiatives for safe bicycle traffic in WDR 5

ZIN employee Berenike Feldhoff could be heard on August 17, 2020 in the WDR 5 radio program "Quarks - Science and more". Katja Bothe's contribution took a bicycle demo of the "Kidical Mass" Münster and the handing over of a petition for safe bicycle traffic in Münster as an opportunity to look into initiatives for safe bicycle traffic. The "Kidical Mass", under the motto "Children on Bicycles", is committed to ensuring that children can ride through the city independently and without fear. They are therefore calling, also in Münster, for a safer cycling infrastructure for children, e.g. a 30 km/h speed limit throughout the city, wider cycle paths and no more cars on the sidewalks.

Berenike Feldhoff commented in the article on the increase in initiatives for safe and sustainable cycling in Germany, which she attributes to a new political zeitgeist among the population. Citizens* no longer tolerate the dominance of car traffic, the marginalization of cycling and walking and the inactivity of many cities. They are taking action themselves and are now increasingly taking to the streets for the rights of cyclists. In addition, Berenike Feldhoff explained the first cornerstones for a cycling law in NRW, which goes back to the popular initiative "Aufbruch Fahrrad" (Awakening Cycles).

You can listen to the article here (from 48:18).