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Interview on wind energy in the Münsterland with Prof. Andreas Löschel

ZIN-member Prof. Andreas Löschel visited the TV broadcast “WDR Lokalzeit” on October 18th 2017. The WDR reported on plans of the ministry for economic affairs of North Rhine-Westphalia concerning new wind turbine distance requirements. The implementation of the planned standards would mean an increase of the required distance between wind turbines and residential building to 1500 metres.

After an explanation of the possible consequences of this reorganization for operators and manufacturers of wind turbines in the Münsterland, Prof. Andreas Löschel was interviewed on the planned new legislation and discussed the usefulness of distance standards in general as well as the relation between the distance of wind turbines to residential areas and their acceptance among residents. Furthermore he gave an assessment of the future of wind technology in the Münsterland and of the prospective role of wind energy in Germany’s accomplishment of the climate protection goals.

[Source: WDR Lokalzeit Münsterland on October 18th 2017, available until October 25th 2017]

[Picture: viajante/ | WWU Münster]