PC Management Group

On the last Thursday in the month at 2 PM (s.t.) the "PC Management Group" usually meets. In these meetings topics in the fields of systemsinstallation, software intallation, network, etc. are discussed. The meetings are located in the institute for food chemistry, Corrensstr. 45, Room 100.003/100.004 (groundfloor). Any changes will be communicated.

There also is a mailinglist for these topics:


Please bear in mind that the sender's address has to be similar to the one entered in the list.
The PC Management Group and mailinglist only cover questions about the installation. A user support is not possible.


Department Name E-Mail
14 Mr. Grund (Chair) grundt@uni-muenster.de
12 Dr. Lange-Aperdannier (Vice-Chairperson) aperdan@uni-muenster.de