Staffingplan of the IVV Natural Sciences

It must be ensured that the division of personnel funds for central activities in the IVV is based on the use of the services of the departments involved in the IVV Natural Sciences. Any necessary balance between the institutes or departments is carried out annually. The key required for this, currently Biology:Chemistry:Physics 1:2:1, is regularly checked.

A Redundant staffing is desired in all central areas of responsibility.

The staffing needs are regularly reviewed by the Performance Committee and have been identified as follows:

Technical Director:  1 Fulltime-Equivalent (In the Following: FTE) Research Assistant
Secretary: 1/4 FTE Secretaries
Scientific/High-Performance Computing:  2/2 FTE Research Assistant
Infrastructure: 2/2 FTE Research Assistant
  2 FTE Engineer or Technician
Application and Services: 2/2 FTE Research Assistant
  1 FTE Scientifiv Assistant
PCs: 3/2 FTE Student Assistants
  2/2 FTE Technician

The departments must in principle provide human resources for their own basic provision. The special IV tasks in the working groups must also be completed there. If necessary, the institute representatives also participate in central tasks.


Münster, 12.7.2010

The IVV-Performance Committee