User Group

In the group of experts a user group was formed, that takes care of the needs of the users. This work group is formed in a way, that all departments of the IVV and users of all supported systems are represented. However, if necessary more staff members can be added. In the group, topics of fundamental nature, e.g. necessary or desired extensions of hardware, software and services are discussed and results and recommendations are reported to the panel of experts. A decision is always made exclusively by the board of directors.




FB Name E-Mail
13 Herr Bohle (Sprecher)
11 Herr Böwing (Stellvertretender Sprecher)
11 Herr Bischoff
12 Herr Blanque
12 Dr. Dziemba
12 Herr Feldhues
12 Dr. Lange-Aperdannier
12 Dr. Schepmann
13 Dr. Chrostek-Grashoff
13 Andreas Vogelsang
14 Herr Grund
NWZ Herr Arns