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Application form

for an opportunity in Germany for mathematicians from Ukraine

The German Mathematical Society (DMV) aims to support mathematicians from Ukraine at all stages in their career who might consider a visiting position, scholarship or other forms of scientific long-term stays in Germany. In cooperation with Mathematics Münster, applications from mathematicians from Ukraine and offers from German mathematical institutions will be coordinated.

Mathematicians from Ukraine on all career levels are invited to send their applications via this online application form. We will then try to find the best mathematical and personal fit between offer and application.


Application for Support for Mathematicians from Ukraine

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Current affiliation
Please state your current position in your institution. This could be one of Bachelor/Master student, PhD Candidate (aspirant), Research Assistant, Junior Lecturer, Lecturer, Docent, Professor. If student, please include some information about you below in Additional Comments.
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PDF Attachments

You can include additional PDF files supporting your application. This is not compulsory. The files might include CV, letters of recommendation, and academic records (diplomas and transcripts), thesis summary, or short example of written academic work (e.g. thesis excerpt). If you are unable to provide these at this time, they can be added later to your application by sending them to math-for-ukraine@uni-muenster.de.

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Supporting Statements

You can either upload supporting statements as PDF above or ask a person to send a supporting letter of recommendation directly to math-for-ukraine@uni-muenster.de.
If applicable, please state the name and affiliation of persons you have asked to provide letters of recommendation.
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Name, affiliation (optional):

Additional Information
Please include any additional information that might help to find a good mathematical, personal and/or regional fit with the opportunities. If you are a student, please include here some information about you (grades, mathematical activities in conferences, competitions...)
Additional Information:

Consent: I agree that Mathematics Münster stores this data and shares it with the institutions that offer support. The data will be deleted as soon as the projects are finished. Should you wish to have your data deleted immediately or have any questions, please send email to math-for-ukraine@uni-muenster.de. All data is treated according to the privacy rules of the University of Münster.