Get started with our machines

The Munster Nanofabrication Facility (MNF) is equipped with a wide range of machines for deposition, etching, lithography, wet processing, thermal processing, metrology and packaging. (Click on the tab below to see a complete list of our equipment.)

To get started with our machines:

Book your instrument

If you are a member of the MNF and are trained on your instrument, you may use the booking system to reserve time-slots for your instrument. For details on our booking system and how to register, visit our Learnweb portal.

Please note: Use of the MNF equipment incurs a monthly fee. For details, view the fee table.


MNF Introduction tutorial in our Learnweb portal (passwordmnf123”)

MNF Regulations

Available materials and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

General operational safety instructions

Safety training / Sicherheitsunterweisungen

DGUV: "Working safely in laboratories" / "Sicheres Arbeiten in Laboratorien"

Camera surveillance

To ensure your safety, the MNF has surveillance cameras installed in the SoN and CeNTech cleanrooms. For details on your privacy and rights while under surveillance, please read the privacy statement.