General and safety introductions

To be allowed to access the cleanrooms and laboratories of the MNF, the cleanroom and safety introductions have to be attended in advance.
Please refer to the cleanroom managers for the general introductions and ask Bernhard Chlebowski regarding the safety.


Before using an instrument, please visit the booking system and reserve a date!

INFO: For using the booking system you need an University Account of the WWU. If you don't have one yet, there is a guest account for temporary use.
Register here for the booking system
with your University Login as user name. You wont need the set password again, since you will log in with your general university password. Add all other information as well.

User instructions

Operation instructions and recipes for the different machines and processes can be found in the MNF-Wiki.
If you want to access a specific device or if there are any questions, please refer to the assigned instrument manager to get an introduction.

Cleanroom handbook

General information is also available in the cleanroom handbook.