User Information


To request access to the MNF cleanrooms and labs, please contact with a project description. We will contact you with approval or a request for a technical meeting.

Cleanroom introduction

After receiving approval, you may attend a cleanroom introduction. The introduction is offered regularly; please check our home page for announcements and instructions on registering.

Note that current MNF users are required to attend and repeat the cleanroom introduction once a year.

Instrument training

After attending the cleanroom introduction, you should be trained in person by one of the instrument managers on the instrument(s) you will be using. After receiving individual instruction, you may book the instrument (see below).

Booking instruments

Please visit the booking system to reserve a date for using your instrument.

To use the booking system you need a university user account. Complete the booking system registration form making sure to enter your standard university account username and password (do not create a new password).

If you don't have a university account, send an email to to arrange a temporary guest account.


Use of the MNF cleanrooms incurs a monthly fee. For details view the fee table.

Camera surveillance

To ensure your safety while working in the cleanrooms, the MNF has surveillance cameras installed. Currently cameras are mounted in the SoN cleanroom and in the near future cameras will also be installed in the CeNTech cleanroom.

For details on your privacy and rights while under surveillance, please read the privacy statement.