Prof. Dr. Jasna Peter-Katalinić1,2

Dr. Michael Mormann3

Biomedical Analysis Group

1Institute for Medical Physics and Biophysics
Westphalian Wilhelm's University of Münster,
Medical School;
2Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology
University of Münster
3Institute for Hygiene
Biomedical Mass Spectrometry
University of Münster



The Biomedical Analysis Group is almost thirty years leading in the field of biological mass spectrometry, developments and applications to human diseases. In the last 15 years the focus has been directed toward structural systems biology, which encompasses structural analysis of complex biological systems. Novel MALDI-TOF, ESI-QTOF and high field FT-ICR mass spectrometry protocols and new MS fragmentation protocols for de-novo sequencing were developed and implemented to proteomics and glycomics to achieve high confidence structural and heterogeneity analysis. Novel technologies for biological sample delivery, like hyphenated microanalysis, automatization and chip-MS, were implemented for identification and validation of glycoconjugates such as oligosaccharides, glycoproteins and glycolipids of biological importance. The group carried out a number of research projects in cooperation with German, European and US university groups. The group is collaborating on specific topics and technologies with industrial labs in a bilateral way. We are working strongly interdisciplinary within an international network of (bio-)chemists, physicists, biotechnologists and clinicians.

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