Carbohydrate-containing biomolecules are increasingly recognized as information-bearing molecules with highly important signaling and regulatory functions within and between cells and organisms. Many of these are due to direct interactions of the respective carbohydrates with cellular proteins, such as receptors or enzymes. Molecular and biochemical aspects of such carbohydrate/protein-interactions in the cellular context are characterized in detail by our Indo-German International Research Training Group on MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR GLYCO-SCIENCES (MCGS).

The focus of our research is on structure/function-relationships, i.e. on elucidating the structural requirements responsible for the interaction of glycans with their target proteins. The German groups are focusing on the analytical and functional aspects of the carbohydrate moieties (e.g. identifying potential protein binding domains of glycans), while the Indian groups are mainly dealing with the protein aspects (e.g. identifying potential carbohydrate binding sites of specific agglutinins). Each doctoral project is jointly investigated by an Indian and a German group. This creates a basic understanding of structure/function-relationships at a molecular level and, thus, will allow us to eventually develop, validate, and apply the tools needed to exploit the biotechnological potential of glyco-structures for novel knowledge-driven applications.

(c) MCGS. 2011. Thermodynamics of Lyz-Alg interactions (ITC)

MCGS convenes a group of internationally recognized research teams from biology, chemistry, and medicine,from Münster and Hyderabad, initiating an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach for the doctoral candidates’ training and education. MCGS accepts candidates with different degrees such as Bachelor, Master, Diplom, or federal exam, in different disciplines of natural sciences, including applied sciences such as biotechnology, pharmacy, medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, veterinary, food, and material sciences, from a competitive pool of international applicants.