Web-resources related to the primary structure of carbohydrates

  1. IUPAC-IUBMB Nomenclature of Carbohydrates
    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  2. LINUCS LInear Notation for Unique description of Carbohydrate Structure
  3. CCSD - Complex Carbohydrate Structure Database (CarbBank)
  4. SugaBase
  5. SweetDB
    links to PubMed, Subito, 3D-structure & Mass data
  6. GlycoBase of USTL

Tools for the analysis of NMR and MS data

  1. ECDB - E. coli O-antigen database
    Structure and NMR data of E. coli LPS
    links to PubMed, CarbBank, CCUG, ATCC
  2. SPECARB - Raman spectra of carbohydrates
  3. CASPER - Computer Aided SPectrum Evaluation of Regular polysaccharides
    Simulation of NMR data
  4. GlycoFragment
    Simulation of mass spectra

Conformation of carbohydrates and glycoproteins

  1. PDB - Protein Data Ban
  2. Pdb2Linucs – Annotaded Protein Data Bank
  3. HIC-Up (Hetero-compound Information Centre – Uppsala)
  4. Image Library of Biological Macromolecules
  5. Het-PDB Navi
  6. GlycoMaps Database – Conformational maps of disaccharides
    A program for constructing 3D models of saccharides from their sequences using standard nomenclature
  8. Glydic
    A web tool for predicting n-glycan structures based on md-simulations with mm3 force field

Databases of Enzymes and Lectins

  1. CAZY - Carbohydrate Active enZYmes
    links to NiceZyme (ExPASy), Taxonomy Browser (NBCI), Entrez Nucleotide/Protein (NBCI), TrEMBL (ExPASy), PDB
  2. BPGD - Bacterial Polysaccharide Gene Database
  3. 3D Lectin Database
    links to Medline, PDB, HSSP, SCOP
  4. Torkild's Lectin Page

Databases and prediction tools related to glycoproteins

  1. O-GlycBas
  2. FindMo
  3. GlycoMod Tool/GlycanMas
  4. Glypeps - Accurate Mass & Peptide Modificatio
  5. NetOGlyc
  6. DictyOGlyc
  7. NetNGlyc
  8. YinOYang

Glyco related Societies

  1. EUCHIS - European Chitin Society

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