If you are interested to pursue doctoral studies in the framework of the First Indo-German International Research Training Group on Molecular and Cellular Glyco-Sciences (MCGS), you can do so either in Münster, Germany, or in Hyderabad, India, in the institutions and research groups that are partners in MCGS. At both sites, the Research Training Group is open to highly motivated and excellently qualified candidates from all nationalities.
The joint Indo-German MCGS study program accompanying the individual research projects has a duration of three years.


In Germany, candidates typically need to possess a Master or Diplom degree or equivalent in natural or life sciences. In India, the MCGS program is restricted to the Senior Research Fellow phase of doctoral studies. more...


MCGS started operating in October 2009. A new generation of PhD students will be admitted every 18 months. more...  

How to Apply

Due to the different organisations of PhD studies in Germany and India, different application procedures apply for both MCGS sides. more...

Selection procedure

You will receive an Acknowledgement of Receipt within one week, detailing whether your application was complete. more...


On the German side, MCGS will have eight fellowships to distribute for the first generation of PhD students, but students with their own funding/fellowship are also encouraged to apply.
On the Indian side, we likewise expect to accept eight to twelve PhD students having a Senior Research Fellowship as members of MCGS. more...

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