Dr. Perali Ramu Sridhar

University of Hyderabad
School of Chemistry
Hyderabad – 500 046


The research group of Dr. Perali Ramu Sridhar involves the synthesis of carbohydrates, glyco-amino acids and oligosaccharides. More stable derivative of natural oligosaccharide were synthesised and evaluated their biological properties. With 8 years of our research focus in carbohydrate chemistry, we came up with several new methodologies for the preparation of thio and seleno glycosides, discovered new protecting groups and developed new techniques for the synthesis of glycosyl amines and sugar amino acids. Most of these molecules are new and their biological applications are still under investigation.

Another area of Dr. Perali research group is the total synthesis of biologically active oligosaccharides, bacterial and fungal cell wall glycans. We are more interested in developing straight forward synthetic methods for the construction of complex organic molecules using carbohydrates as raw materials.

Our expertise:

  1. Synthesis, purification and characgerisation of carbohydrate based therapeutics.
  2. Development of novel synthetic methodologies in carbohyrate chemistry.
  3. Design and synthesis of stable (under physiologcal conditions) carbohydrate analogues.
  4. Laboratory synthesis of glyco-peptides, glyco-amino acids and glyco proteins.

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