Prof. Dr. Kottapalli Seshagirirao

University of Hyderabad
Department of Plant Sciences
School of Life Sciences
Hyderabad - 500 046


The laboratory of Prof. Dr. Kottapalli Seshagirirao deals with the research in the glyco-biology/science, with special emphasis on plant lectins and gums in the following areas:

  • Biochemistry and applications of lectins from the subtribe Euphorbiinae (Euphorbia, Monadenium, Synadenium and Pedilanthus genera) species latex and their application in biochemistry/biomedical research. The projects aimed at isolating the lectins from Euphorbiinae species latex and identify the proteins from human blood serum that would be useful for diagnostic tools for biochemistry/biomedical research.
  • Biochemistry of chitin-binding lectins from Indian plants (eg. Morus, Apanogeton, Trichosanthes species) and their applications are also interested.
  • Biochemical characterization of Plant Gums (seed, mucilase and exudates) and their applications.
  • Plant gums (from seeds, mucilases, exudates, etc.) in affinity chramatography tools for isolation and characterization of lectins, glycoproteins and glyco-molecule.

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