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Current PublicationsAdelt, Julius; Brettschneider, Daniel; Herber, Paula Reusable Contracts for Safe Integration of Reinforcement Learning in Hybrid Systems. Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis - 20th International Symposium, {ATVA} 2022, Virtual Event, October 25-28, 2022, ProceedingsLecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 13505, 2022, pp 58-74 online
Adelt Julius, Gebker Julian, Herber Paula Towards Reusable Formal Models for Custom Real-Time Operating Systems. Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems - 27th International Conference, {FMICS} 2022, Warsaw, Poland, September 14-15, 2022, ProceedingsLecture Notes in Computer Science Vol. 13487, 2022, pp 69-85 online
Adelt, Julius; Herber, Paula; Niehage, Mathis; Remke, Anne Towards Safe and Resilient Hybrid Systems in the Presence of Learning and Uncertainty. Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Verification Principles - 11th International Symposium, ISoLA 2022, Rhodes, Greece, October 22-30, 2022, Proceedings, Part ILecture Notes in Computer Science, 2022, pp 299-319 online
Adelt J, Liebrenz T, Herber P Formal Verification of Intelligent Hybrid Systems that are Modeled with Simulink and the Reinforcement Learning Toolbox. Formal Methods, 2021, pp 349-366 online
Herber P, Liebrenz T, Adelt J Combining Forces: How to Formally Verify Informally Defined Embedded Systems. Formal Methods, 2021, pp 3-22 online
Herber Paula, Adelt Julius, Liebrenz Timm Formal Verification of Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems with the Interactive Theorem Prover KeYmaera X. Proceedings of the Software Engineering 2021 Satellite Events, Braunschweig/Virtual, Germany, February 22 - 26, 2021CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2021, pp 1-4 online
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AddressHerr Julius Adelt
Institut für Informatik
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