VISualization & graphIX (VISIX)

Prof. Lars Linsen
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The VISualization & graphIX (VISIX) group led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Linsen is concerned with the development of interactive visual representations and analysis systems. Today, digital data are acquired with an increasing amount in all fields of science and technology. Visualization methods allow for the extraction of relevant information from these sets of data and to display this information in an effective and intuitive way for human beings. Interaction mechanisms are employed to filter and refine the displays within a visual analysis process. VISIX develops visualization approaches for application in  medicine, life sciences, physics, and geosciences, among others.


Award ceremony at IEEE VIS 2018 for winning SciVis contest

© Lars Linsen

At IEEE VIS 2018, Simon Leistikow, Karim Huesmann, and Prof. Lars Linsen (left to right) received the award for the winning entry of the SciVis contest. Dr. Alexey Fofonov was also co-author.


© Lars Linsen

This year the VISIX group had record attendance at the IEEE VIS 2018 conference in Berlin, Germany, with 9 participants. For the picture, former group member Prof. Paul Rosenthal joined, as well.

Paper at IEEE VIS 2018

Dr. Vladimir Molchanov and Prof. Lars Linsen present a paper at the IEEE VIS 2018 conference held in Berlin on October 21-26. The paper on "Shape-preserving Star Coordinates" will appear in a special issue of the IEEE Transaction of Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

Demo at ACM SUI 2018

Karim Huesmann, Dr. Dimitar Valkov, and Prof. Lars Linsen present a demo at the 6th ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (ACM SUI 2018) in Berlin, October 13-14, 2018, on "RealityAlert: Improving Users' Physical Safety in Immersive Virtual Environments"

Adrian Derstroff joining VISIX

Adrian Derstroff is joining VISIX as of September 2018 as a research and teaching associate. We welcome him in our research group.

New DFG Project on "Visual Analysis of Multi-run Multi-field Simulation Data"

Prof. Linsen has acquired a new 3-years DFG project LI 1530/21-2 on "Visual Analysis of Multi-run Multi-field Simulation Data", which is a continuation of the DFG project LI 1530/21-1. The position is to be filled and there will be a respective job ad being out soon.

Two papers in Information journal

Two papers of the VISIX group appear in the current volume of  the Information journal. These are invited extended papers of two IVAPP 2018 papers. The papers are on "Upsampling for Improved Multidimensional Attribute Space Clustering of Multifield Data" by Dr. Vladimir Molchanov and Prof. Lars Linsen and on "A Top-Down Interactive Visual Analysis Approach for Physical Simulation Ensembles at Different Aggregation Levels" by Dr. Alexey Fofonov and Prof. Lars Linsen.

Article on digitalization by Prof. Linsen in university newspaper

Prof. Linsen contributed an article on the topic of Digitalization to the university newspaper of the WWU wissen|leben (No. 4, 2018).

Paper presentation at CARS 2018

Muhammad Jawad is presenting a paper on "Designing Ensembles for Uncertainty-aware Vessel Segmentations from MRI Data" co-authored by himself, Dr. Gordan Ristovski, Prof. Horst Hahn (Jacobs University), and Prof. Lars Linsen at the international conference on Computed Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS 2018), which is taken place June 20-23 in Berlin, Germany.

VISIX at EuroVis 2018

The VISIX group is attending the EuroVis 2018 conference, which is taken place June 4-8 in Brno, Czech Republic. Prof. Linsen is presenting a short paper on "Colored Stochastic Shadow Mapping for Direct Volume Rendering" co-authored by himself and Johannes Weidner and a paper  within the co-located EnvirVis workshop on "Interactive Visual Exploration of Teleconnections in Atmospheric Datasets" co-authored by himself, Anatoliy Antonov, and collaborators from the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven (Prof. Gerrit Lohmann, Dr. Monica Ionita, and Dr. Mihai Dima). Prof. Linsen also serves as one of the co-organizers of the co-located EuroRV3 workshop. He chairs a session within that workshop as well as within the main conference track.

VISIX presenting 5 papers at VISIGRAPP 2018

The VISIX group is presenting 5 papers at the VISIGRAPP 2018 conference in Madeira, Portugal,  of which 4 papers are within the IVAPP 2018 track and 1 paper is within the GRAPP 2018 track. The IVAPP papers are on "SmoothIsoPoints: Making PDE-based Surface Extraction from Point-based Volume Data Fast" by Prof. Paul Rosenthal, Dr. Vladimir Molchanov, and Prof. Lars Linsen, on "MultiVisA: Visual Analysis of Multi-run Physical Simulation Data using Interactive Aggregated Plots" by Dr. Alexey Fofonov and Prof. Lars Linsen, on "Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality When Clustering Multivariate Volume Data" by Dr. Vladimir Molchanov and Prof. Lars Linsen, and on "Data Aggregation and Distance Encoding for Interactive Large Multidimensional Data Visualization" by Desislava Decheva and Prof. Lars Linsen, while the GRAPP paper is on "Efficient Curvature-optimized G2-continuous Path Generation with Guaranteed Error Bound for 5-axis Machining" by Evgenia Selinger and Prof. Lars Linsen.

Prof. Linsen giving talk in AK Digital Humanities

Prof. Linsen was invited to give a presentation on "Visual Analtics for Digital Humanities" within the Arbeitskreis Digital Humanities of the WWU.

Invited Talk by Prof. Linsen at ICSEC 2017

Prof. Linsen is giving an invited talk on "Interactive Visual Analysis and Classification of Hyperspectral Imaging Data" at the ICSEC 2017 conference held in Doha, Qatar, from October 23 to October 24, 2017.

Paper Presentation at ACM SUI 2017

Dr. Dimitar Valkov and Steffen Flagge are presenting a paper on "Smooth Immersion: The Benefits of Making the Transition to Virtual Environments a Continuous Process" at the ACM SUI 2017 conference held in Brighton, UK, from October 16 to October 17, 2017. Dr. Valkov is also serving as a Session Chair. 

Paper Presentation at IEEE VIS 2017

José Matute is presenting a paper on "Skeleton-based Scagnostics" within the InfoVis track of the IEEE VIS 2017 conference held in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A, from October 1 to October 6. This is joint work with our collaborator Prof. Alex Telea from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, and Prof. Lars Linsen.

Prof. Linsen Keynote Speaker at CGA 2017

Prof. Linsen has been invited to give a Keynote Speech at this years's conference on Computer Graphics and Animation (CGA 2017) to be held in Berlin, Germany, September 25-26, 2017. His presentation is on the "Visual Analysis of Spatio-temporal Simulation Ensembles".  Prof. Linsen has also been asked to serve as a Conference Chair for this venue.

Prof. Linsen Elected Vice-Chairman of Center for Digital Humanities

After having been elected to the Managing Board of the newly established Center for Digital Humanities at the WWU Münster, Prof. Linsen has now been elected by the Managing Board to serve as the Vice-Chairman of the center.

Prof. Linsen Session Chair and in Best Paper Committee at VCBM 2017

Prof. Linsen was appointed Session Chair and being part of the Best Paper Committee at the Eurographics Conference on Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine (VCBM 2017) held in Bremen, Germany, on September 7 and 8, 2017.

Prof. Linsen Elected in Managing Board of Center for Digital Humanities

Prof. Linsen was elected to be part of the Managing Board of the newly founded Center for Digital Humanities at the WWU Münster.

Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Linsen

Prof. Linsen is giving his Inaugural Lecture (Antrittsvorlesung) at the WWU on the topic of "Interactive Visual Analysis of Ensemble Data" on Wednesday,  July 12, at 3pm in the Lecture Hall M5 (Einsteinstr. 64).

Prof. Linsen at Alumnitag 2017

Prof. Linsen is giving a presentation at the Homecoming Day (Alumnitag 2017) of the WWU on the "Interpretation of Computer-generated Images".

Presentation on Uncertainty Visualization in Medicine at Summer School in Radiology

The VISIX group has an invited talk at the Summer School in Radiology "Von der Hand in den Mund" at Greifswald, Germany, within the Scientific Symposium. The invited talk on "Uncertainty in Medical Visualization" is given by José Matute.

VISIX at EuroVis 2017

The VISIX group has four poster presentations at this year's EuroVis 2017 conference held from June 12 to June 16 in Barcelona, Spain.

Prof. Linsen welcomed by Rektor at WWU

Prof. Linsen and other professors that have joined WWU Münster this semester have been welcomed by Rektor Prof. Wessels. More details.

Teaching in Summer 2017

In the current semester (Summer 2017), the VISIX group offers courses for undergraduate and graduate students including an introductory course to computer graphics, an advanced course in computer graphics on the topic of modeling, and a graduate seminar on visualization. For more details, visit our teaching website.

Job opportunity: PostDoc / PhD student

Researchers interested in joining VISIX as a postdoctoral fellow or as a PhD student shall contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Linsen for further information or immediately apply with the common application material (cv, diplomas, transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation).

Job opportunity: Student assistants

Students (at a Bachelor or Master level) interested in joining VISIX as a (paid) student assistant for conducting small research tasks in the field of data visualization and computer graphics shall contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Linsen for further information or immediately apply with the common application material (cv, diplomas, transcripts).

Chair of IVAPP 2017

This year, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Linsen co-chaired the 8th international conference on Information Visualization Theory and Application (IVAPP 2017) held in Porto, Portugal, from February 27 to March 1 together with his colleague Prof. Alexandru Telea from the University of Groningen, Netherlands.