VISualization & graphIX (VISIX)

Prof. Lars Linsen
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The VISualization & graphIX (VISIX) group led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Linsen is concerned with the development of interactive visual representations and analysis systems. Today, digital data are acquired with an increasing amount in all fields of science and technology. Visualization methods allow for the extraction of relevant information from these sets of data and to display this information in an effective and intuitive way for human beings. Interaction mechanisms are employed to filter and refine the displays within a visual analysis process. VISIX develops visualization approaches for application in  medicine, life sciences, physics, and geosciences, among others.


New Team Assistant Katharina Sichma

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We would like to cordially welcome our new team assistant Katharina Sichma to our group. We are very happy that she is joining us.

Team Assistant Evelyn Egelkamp retires

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Our team assistant Evelyn Egelkamp retires today. We are very sorry to lose her, but, at the same time, are very grateful that she has been with us and supported our group for more than 3 years. In fact, Evelyn Egelkamp supported the Institute of Computer Science for several decades as a team assistant. We appreciate all the dedication and skills she put into her work. We wish Evelyn Egelkamp a pleasant and joyful retirement. It is well deserved.

Prof. Linsen re-elected in CDH Management Board

© Lars Linsen

Prof. Linsen was re-elected by the general assembly to serve a second two-year period in the management board of the  Center for Digital Humanties (CDH) of the WWU Münster. Subsequently, he was also re-elected by the management board to serve as its deputy speaker of the.

Voreen 5.1.0 released

© Lars Linsen

A new version of the visualization framework and visualization tool Voreen was released (Version 5.1.0) supported by the VISIX group.

Prof. Linsen member of CIM Interfaculty Centre

© Lars Linsen

Prof. Linsen was admitted as member of the Cells in Motion (CIM) Interfaculty Centre.

Prof. Linsen invited as panelist in Viadrina Compliance Congress

2019 Viadrina
© Lars Linsen

Prof. Linsen has been invited to contribute as a panelist to the 7th Viadrina Compliance Congress on November 13-14, 2019, in Berlin. The topic of the panel was AI-Compliance, i.e., how Artificial Intelligence may help or hinder the Compliance process.

Invited paper talk on Uncertainty in Medical Visualization at VCBM 2019

2019 Ristovski et al.
© Lars Linsen

Prof. Lars Linsen presented a paper on Uncertainty Visualization for Interactive Assessment of Stenotic Regions in Vascular Structures at the 9th Eurographics workshop on Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine (VCBM 2019), which took place September 4-6, 2019, in Brno, Czech Republic. This was an invirted paper talk of a Computers & Graphics publication. Co-authors are Dr. Gordan Ristovski, José Matute, Prof. Horst Hahn (Fraunhofer MEVIS), Dr. Thomas Wehrum (University Hospital Freiburg), and Prof. Andreas Harloff (University Hospital Freiburg).

Prof. Linsen Paper Chair of VCBM 2019

VCBM 2019
© Lars Linsen

Prof. Lars Linsen served as one of the three paper chairs of the 9th Eurographics workshop on Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine (VCBM 2019), which took place September 4-6, 2019, in Brno, Czech Republic. He also chaired a session and served as a judge in the image contest.

Springer book chapter on MR Spectroscopy Data Visualization

2019 Jawad et al.
© Lars Linsen

Muhammad Jawad, Marina Evers, Alexander Gerwing, Maria Herick, Daniel Seibert, and Prof. Lars Linsen published a paper on A Visual Analytics Approach for Comparing Cohorts in Single-Voxel Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data in the edited Springer book on Biomedical Visualization (Vol. 2) within the series on Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology with Prof. Patricia Ohrmann from the Department of Psychiatry and Psychiotherapy of the University of Münster as well as Dr. Jochen Bauer and Dr. Harald Kugel from Institute of Clinical Radiology of the University Hospital Münster.

Prof. Linsen co-chair of EuroVis workshop on TrustVis

Prof. Lars Linsen co-chaired this year's EuroVis workshop on TrustVis, held on June 3, 2019, in Porto, Portugal, with Dr. Robert Kosara (Tableau Software, USA), Kai Lawonn (University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany), and Noeska Smits (University of Bergen, Norway).

MLVis workshop paper on Visualization for Explainable A.I.

2019 Hamid et al.
© Lars Linsen

Sagad Hamid presented a joint paper with Adrian Derstroff, Quynh Quang Ngo, and Prof. Lars Linsen as well as Sören Klemm and Prof. Xiaoyi Jiang from the Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis group at the University of Münster on Visual Ensemble Analysis to Study the Influence of Hyper-parameters on Training Deep Neural Networks at the EuroVis workshop on Machine Learning Methods in Visualisation for Big Data (MLVis).

Tim Gerrits joining VISIX

Gerrits Cropped
© Lars Linsen

Tim Gerrits joined VISIX as a teaching and research associate working on topics in Vector Field Ensemble Visualization. We welcome Tim to our group.

IEEE VR conference paper on Vibrotactiles for Reality Awareness in Virtual Environments

2019 Valkov & Linsen
© Lars Linsen

Dr. Dimitar Valkov presented a joint paper with Prof. Lars Linsen on Vibro-tactile Feedback for Real-world Awareness in Immersive Virtual Environments at the IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (IEEE VR), held in on March 23-27, 2019, in Osaka, Japan. Dr. Dimitar Valkov presented another joint paper with Andreas Mantler and Prof. Lars Linsen on Haptic Prop: A Tangible Prop for Semi-passive Haptic Interaction within the IEEE VR Workshop on Novel Input Devices and Interaction Techniques (NIDIT).

CMIG journal paper on Motion Uncertainty

2019 Kocev
© Lars Linsen

Bojan Kocev and Prof. Lars Linsen published a paper on Uncertainty-aware asynchronous scattered motion interpolation using Gaussian process regression in the Elsevier journal on Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics (CMIG) with Prof. Horst K. Hahn (Jacobs University and Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen, Germany), Prof. William M. Wells (Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA), and Prof. Ron Kikinis (University of Bremen and Fraunhofer MEVIS, Bremen, Germany).

Award ceremony at IEEE VIS 2018 for winning SciVis contest

© Lars Linsen

At IEEE VIS 2018, Simon Leistikow, Karim Huesmann, and Prof. Lars Linsen (left to right) received the award for the winning entry of the SciVis contest. Dr. Alexey Fofonov was also co-author.


© Lars Linsen

This year the VISIX group had record attendance at the IEEE VIS 2018 conference in Berlin, Germany, with 9 participants. For the picture, former group member Prof. Paul Rosenthal joined, as well.

Paper at IEEE VIS 2018

Dr. Vladimir Molchanov and Prof. Lars Linsen present a paper at the IEEE VIS 2018 conference held in Berlin on October 21-26. The paper on "Shape-preserving Star Coordinates" will appear in a special issue of the IEEE Transaction of Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG).

Demo at ACM SUI 2018

Karim Huesmann, Dr. Dimitar Valkov, and Prof. Lars Linsen present a demo at the 6th ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction (ACM SUI 2018) in Berlin, October 13-14, 2018, on "RealityAlert: Improving Users' Physical Safety in Immersive Virtual Environments"

Adrian Derstroff joining VISIX

Adrian Derstroff is joining VISIX as of September 2018 as a research and teaching associate. We welcome him in our research group.

New DFG Project on "Visual Analysis of Multi-run Multi-field Simulation Data"

Prof. Linsen has acquired a new 3-years DFG project LI 1530/21-2 on "Visual Analysis of Multi-run Multi-field Simulation Data", which is a continuation of the DFG project LI 1530/21-1. The position is to be filled and there will be a respective job ad being out soon.

Two papers in Information journal

Two papers of the VISIX group appear in the current volume of  the Information journal. These are invited extended papers of two IVAPP 2018 papers. The papers are on "Upsampling for Improved Multidimensional Attribute Space Clustering of Multifield Data" by Dr. Vladimir Molchanov and Prof. Lars Linsen and on "A Top-Down Interactive Visual Analysis Approach for Physical Simulation Ensembles at Different Aggregation Levels" by Dr. Alexey Fofonov and Prof. Lars Linsen.

Article on digitalization by Prof. Linsen in university newspaper


Paper presentation at CARS 2018


VISIX at EuroVis 2018


Paper presentation at WSCG 2018


New DFG project on "Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Multidimensional Data Using Projections"


Best paper award at IVAPP 2018


VISIX presenting 5 papers at VISIGRAPP 2018


Prof. Linsen giving talk in AK Digital Humanities


Prof. Linsen giving research talk at Hochschultag 2017


Invited Talk by Prof. Linsen at ICSEC 2017


Paper Presentation at ACM SUI 2017


Paper Presentation at IEEE VIS 2017


Prof. Linsen Keynote Speaker at CGA 2017


Prof. Linsen Elected Vice-Chairman of Center for Digital Humanities


Prof. Linsen Session Chair and in Best Paper Committee at VCBM 2017


Prof. Linsen Elected in Managing Board of Center for Digital Humanities


Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Linsen


Prof. Linsen at Alumnitag 2017


Presentation on Uncertainty Visualization in Medicine at Summer School in Radiology


VISIX at EuroVis 2017


Prof. Linsen welcomed by Rektor at WWU


Teaching in Summer 2017


Job opportunity: PostDoc / PhD student


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Chair of IVAPP 2017


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