The Institute of Political Science at the University of Münster is the third largest educational institution for political science in Germany in terms of student numbers. Various specializations in the degree courses and a variety of combinations ensure that students have the best possible choice.

What is Political Science?

How do you study Political Science in Münster?

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1. Bachelor degree programmes

Politics & Law, Politics & Economics, Economics and Law

The interdisciplinary degree programmes Politics and Law, Politics and Economics and Economics and Law are based on a close relationship between the three disciplines of political science, law and economics. As such, they are designed to systematically link the research and teaching of the disciplines by providing broad professional knowledge coupled with methodological/research training which is ideally supplemented with foreign language skills. Successful graduates have various opportunities: they are prepared for the labour market or for further university education with the aim of a master’s or a law degree.

2. Master’s degree Governance and Democracy

This degree programme offers students the opportunity to focus on the areas of civil society and democracy as well as globalisation and governance. In line with this, students acquire advanced knowledge in the fields of political steering and political participation. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to attend lectures offered by the partner institutions at Münster University, the Institute of Geography and the Center for Interdisciplinary Economic Research as well as international universities.

3. Joint Bachelor's Degree programme (Governance across Borders) and Master’s Double Degree programme by Twente University and Münster University

The Joint Bachelor's Degree programme “Public Governance across Borders” and the English Master’s Double Degree programme “European Studies” are designed as a joint/double degree offered by the University of Twente in cooperation with the University of Münster. Students of these programmes ideally acquire professional knowledge in the areas of Political Science, Public Administration, European Studies as well as Law and Economics. Both programmes are among the oldest international programmes on offer in Germany, as they were initiated in 2002. Studying on both sides of the Dutch-German border enhances international mobility. Successful graduates are prepared for a global career path on both the national as well as the European level.

4. Bachelor-Master’s degree programme "International and European Governance" by Sciences Po Lille and the University of Muenster

The bi-national, dual degree Bachelor and Master’s degree programmes "International and European Governance" are offered by the Institut d'Etudes politiques de Lille in France in cooperation with the Institute of Political Science in Münster. Students acquire professional knowledge in the areas of Political Science, Economics, History, Sociology and Law and receive the Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Muenster as well as a Diploma from Sciences Po Lille. The programmes prepare students for the increasing international and intercultural demands of a globalised world and careers in European and international organizations.

5. Bachelor degree programme Politics + X (including teaching-qualifying courses)

The Bachelor degree programme offers students the opportunity to qualify for teaching (Social Science) or for science (Political Science).


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