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    Political theory is a subdiscipline of political science that deals with the interpretation of, reflection on and evaluation of political practice.
    As such, it is intrinsically related to political philosophy. However, in contrast, it seeks a stronger dialogue with empirical political science. Whereas political philosophy limits itself to normative questions which are discussed in an abstract way – far removed from factual political developments, political theory specifically deals with political structures and political processes.
    It perceives itself as a science which links aspects of comprehension, definition as well as aspects of a normative nature. In doing so, political theory attempts to create a deeper understanding of policy, and to offer an organization of policy that is geared to normative aspects.
    One key activity of the research group includes the preoccupation with the normative, democratic-theory oriented problem-set of the constitution of religious and plural societies.
    Multiple dissertations deal with this problem from different perspectives.
    Thus, the preoccupation with the theory approach of political liberalism and critical pluralistic approaches generates a common research interest of many members of the group. Nonetheless, the research group is open for different emphases with regards to content and theory.
    Discussion of one’s own dissertation with members of the research group as well as jointly selected theoretical texts is possible within group meetings - usually held four times per semester.



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    • Ulrich Hamenstädt
    • Andreas Kösters
    • Tim Reiß
    • Achim Richter