Lost your password? Login problems?

Please first try to login on https://password.uni-muenster.de:

  • This page accepts even passwords that are no longer accepted in other places.
  • This page also accepts other data instead of the username: E-mail address, matriculation number, first and last name etc.
  • This page accepts an unlimited number of unsuccessful attempts.
  • If that works, please reset your password there directly:
    • Setting a password automatically triggers numerous repair mechanisms that may already eliminate your problem.
    • It does not matter whether you set a different password or the same one.
    • After that, please wait at least 15 minutes.
    • If it still does not work, please delete the browser cache. (Mostly this can be done with the key combination Ctrl-Shift-Del, then select "all" and set the checkmarks at "cache" and at "active logins". The terms differ from browser to browser).

If that does not work, you have hopefully taken precautions for password loss in the IT Portal (formerly: MyZIV):

  • To do so, please enter your user ID first (the other data will also be accepted here.
  • Then you have to answer your control question.
  • Then you will be sent a transaction number (TAN) by SMS, which you must enter.
  • Then you can set a new password.

If that does not work, too, hopefully you have a digital ID (certificate) from the WWUCA:

If that does not work either, please come personally to our service counter:

  • Please come personally to our service counter (Einsteinstraße 60).
  • Please identify yourself with your identity card or passport.
  • Then you will immediately receive a new password.
  • Please note the opening hours.

If even that is not possible, please write us a letter:

  • This letter must contain:
    • the password we are supposed to set,
    • an e-mail address at which we can reach you (if available),
    • a copy of your identity card or passport (please regard the “Notes regarding the copy of the ID card” at the bottom),
    • your handwritten signature.
  • Please send the letter in a closed envelope to:

    Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität
    WWU IT
    Einsteinstraße 60
    48149 MÜNSTER

  • We need the original letter, i.e. not by fax and not scanned by e-mail.
  • Due to postal and processing times, it may take a week for the new password to be set.
  • You will not receive a reply after the password has been set. Please try a few days after sending the letter to see if you can log in to the IT portal.
  • TIP: Do not send the letter to us as registered mail, as it will not arrive faster than a standard letter due to the internal mail flow and processing time.

Notes regarding the copy of the ID card

We only need a copy of the front page of your identity card or the corresponding page of your passport (the page with your photo and your personal details).

For your own security, please blacken (on the copy) the access number on the right of the validity date (new German identity card only).

According to § 95 (4) TKG we are entitled to receive a copy of your ID card for the renewal of your password. We undertake to destroy this copy after verification.