Lost your password? Login problems?

ATTENTION! Only for external ULB IDs (ybuXXX): Please contact the ULB information: Tel.: +49 251 83-24040, Mail: info.ulb@uni-muenster.de

Please try to login on https://password.uni-muenster.de

  • This page accepts other data instead of the university identifier: university email address, matriculation number, full first and last name.
  • If the login works here but not for other services, please reset your password.
  • Make sure that your new password is different from any password you use or have ever used with other services.
If you cannot log in to the IT portal via the link, you will need a new password.
You then have the following options to get a new password:

1. About precaution against password loss

  • If you have already set up the "Precaution against password loss" in the IT portal, please enter your university identifier here (the alternative data will also be accepted here).
    Email addressMatriculation number
  • After answering the control question and entering the mTAN sent by SMS, you can set yourself a new password.

2. By encrypted mail with digital certificate of University Certification Authority (UCAM)

  • If you have a digital certificate (digital ID) from UCAM, please write us an email to it@uni-muenster.de and ask for a new password. Attention: The mail must be electronically signed with a digital ID (certificate) issued by the University Certification Authority Münter (UCAM)! You will then receive a new password via encrypted mail.

3. In person at the service counter

  • Come and see us in person at the service desk (Einsteinstraße 60, opening hours.).
  • Upon presentation of an official photo ID (e.g., ID card or passport), you will immediately receive a new password.

4. By letter with desired password

  • This letter must contain:
    • the password we are supposed to set (must contain at least 12 characters, always a combination of upper and lower case letters, digits and special characters (?!%+...)),
    • an e-mail address at which we can reach you (if available),
    • a copy of your identity card or passport (please regard the “Notes regarding the copy of the ID card” at the bottom),
    • your handwritten signature.
  • Please send the letter in a closed envelope to:

    Universität Münster
    CIT – Center for Information Technology
    Einsteinstraße 60
    48149 MÜNSTER

  • We need the original letter, i.e. not by fax and not scanned by e-mail.
  • Due to postal and processing times, it may take a week for the new password to be set.
  • You will not receive a reply after the password has been set. Please try a few days after sending the letter to see if you can log in to the IT portal.
  • TIP: Do not send the letter to us as registered mail, as it will not arrive faster than a standard letter due to the internal mail flow and processing time.

Notes regarding the copy of the ID card

We only need a copy of the front page of your identity card or the corresponding page of your passport (the page with your photo and your personal details).

For your own security, please blacken (on the copy) the access number on the right of the validity date (new German identity card only).

According to § 7 TDDSG (formerly § 95 (4) TKG) we are entitled to receive a copy of your ID card for the renewal of your password. We undertake to destroy this copy after verification.