Every student of Münster University receives a WWU ID at enrolment, every employee at the beginning of his/her enrolment. The WWU ID cannot be changed and is valid until exmatriculation or end of employment, respectively. It is required for most online contents and for access to computer workstations.

Contact: Identity Management

  • Forgotten WWU ID

    Log in to the IT Portal with your matriculation number, e-mail address or first and last name via this alternative login. There you can look up your WWU ID.

  • WWU ID Application

    If you do not yet have a WWU ID, but belong to the group of authorised persons, you can apply for a primary ID. You may need additional WWU IDs for specific purposes. You can apply for these using our online form.

    Online Application for a Primary ID (Form K)
    Online Application for an Additional WWU ID

  • FAQ

    What are user IDs?
    In order to use a computer or a service (e.g. WLAN, VPN, e-mail, QISPOS, Learnweb, IT portal, Print & Pay) of the university, you need a personal WWU ID (also called central user ID, personal user ID, account(name), ZIV ID). A personal WWU ID is only active and usable if it is a member of at least one user group (Information about groups can be found further down on this page). In addition to the personal WWU ID, one or more function-related (or impersonal) WWU IDs can also be requested. This might be useful if it does not seem convenient to extend the rights of an existing WWU ID by including it in additional groups. Consult the user administration of the WWU IT for advice on this in advance. A function-related WWU ID must be assigned to a responsible person. This WWU ID can be used to provide authorizations for specific areas and, if necessary, transfer them completely to a new head of the institution.

    How do I get a personal user ID?

    • Students automatically receive a personal WWU ID when they enrol. You will be informed of this in your enrolment documents.
    • Employees of the university and of the Department of Medicine (Faculty of Medicine) automatically receive a personal WWU ID if they are listed in the SAP system of the Human Resources Department. You will be informed of the WWU ID in a letter from the WWU IT, which will be sent to your future place of work prior to the day you start working. If you are not sure, please ask the secretariat of your institute first. If you have not received an automatically generated WWU ID, you can apply for an ID via the application form for the use of IT services. The application must be approved by the head of the respective institution.
    • UKM employees outside the Faculty of Medicine do not automatically receive a WWU ID. Instead, an ID can be requested via the application form for use of IT services, which only authorizes access to the WLAN. The application must be approved by the UKM's IT division.
    • Students and staff of the University of Fine Arts as well as students of further education institutions of the WWU automatically receive an WWU ID. This ID will be sent to the corresponding university office before the start of your studies or work, so that they can forward the documents to you. If you are unsure, please first ask the institution responsible for you.
    • Guests can apply for a WWU ID for the duration of their stay via  application form for use of IT services. The request must be approved by the head of the respective instutution. In the application, the user group in which the ID is to be entered must be named. This can be a guest group of the institute or, if such a group does not exist, the institute group.
    • Participants of a conference/meeting only get access to the WLAN and cannot use any other services.

    How do I obtain an additional WWU ID?
    If, in justified exceptional cases, you need a second personal or function-related (impersonal) WWU ID, you can apply for it in the IT portal. To do so, click on "WWU ID and group memberships" in the navigation column on the left and then on "Additional WWU ID". To do this, seek advice from the user administration of the WWU IT in advance to avoid unnecessary ID generation.

    How can I merge several personal WWU IDs?
    It may happen that when you start your studies or work at WWU, two personal records exist or are entered. This means that two personal WWU IDs are generated for you. To simplify the administration of your IDs and personal data, it is advisable to merge these data records. To do so, log in to the IT portal with the ID that you mainly want to use. Then select "WWU ID and group memberships" in the navigation column on the left and click on "2 users –> 1 person". On this page, enter your second WWU ID and follow the further instructions. In this procedure, both WWU IDs remain active, they are only linked to each other. The abandonment of a personal WWU ID is only possible in exceptional cases. In such cases, please contact the user administration of the WWU IT, quoting both user IDs. 

    How can I take over an impersonal (function-related) WWU ID?
    If you want to take over a function-related WWU ID, the owner must give you the ID and the associated password. Log in to the IT portal with your personal WWU ID. There you select the item "WWU ID and group memberships" in the navigation column on the left and then click on "Office –> person". On this page you now enter the desired function-related ID and follow the further instructions.

    I forgot my WWU ID. What can I do?
    In case you know your WWU password, you can try to log in to the IT portal through this alternativ registration page. This Login page also accepts other data instead of the WWU ID: E-mail address, matriculation number, first and last name, etc.. If the login is successful, you can see your WWU ID in the top left corner of the WWU IT portal. If you do not know your WWU password, please visit the Lost your Password? page for more information on how to recover your password and how to contact us if you have any problems.

    My WWU ID has been deactivated (or is to be deactivated), although I still need access to university services. What can I do?
    Your WWU ID will be deactivated when you are no longer a member of a user group. As long as you are a student or staff member, your WWU ID is automatically a member of the general student or staff group ("u0dawin" or "u0mitarb"). If your WWU ID is removed from one of these groups, this is based on information from the student or staff database and WWU IT has no influence on this process. If you have any questions or objections, please contact the Student Secretariat (for students) or Department 3 - Personnel Affairs (for employees). Changes made there will automatically be transferred after 2-3 days to the WWU IT systems and therefore also to your WWU ID.
    If you need access to certain services beyond the end of your employment at Münster University, you must apply for membership in an (institute) group directly to the respective group leader (see How can I apply for or extend membership in a user group?). A membership in such a group is not automatically terminated, but remains in effect as long as the group leader approves your renewal requests. This decision is the sole responsibility of the group leader; WWU IT has no influence on it. Furthermore, there may be services that you still cannot access. If this is the case, please contact the service providers directly.
    If, on the other hand, you start a new job at Münster University, either your old WWU ID will be reactivated or you will receive - in accordance with your employment contract - a new WWU ID in time before you start working, which will be sent by post to your new institute address.

    How can I deactivate or delete a user ID?
    A WWU ID is deactivated if it is no longer a member of any user group. If you are de-registered or end your employment at the university, your user ID will automatically be removed from the corresponding student or staff group. If the ID is not also a member of an institution group, it will be deactivated. However, as long as you are studying or working at the university, you must necessarily have a WWU ID, since your @uni-muenster.de address is the authoritative correspondence address between you and the university. If you wish to delete an additional WWU ID that you no longer need, please contact the user administration of the WWU IT.

    How can I change my personal data (name, title etc.)?
    Students have the possibility to change their address and contact details themselves in the SelfService. To do so, log in with your WWU ID and your WWU password, select the "My requests" tile and click on "Create Request" at the bottom left. In the list that opens, you can change your address, first name and surname, among other things.
    Employees can make these changes themselves via the SAP system under the tab "Employee Self-Service" –> "Personal Profile" or contact Department 3 - Human Resources. Please note that the SAP system must be activated by the service desk (Tel 83-30303) before using it for the first time. All changes are automatically transferred to the WWU IT databases after 2-3 days at the latest. If the changes are still not active after this period, please contact the user administration of the WWU IT.
    In case of a change of name, you can afterwards adjust your display name manually in the IT portal. To do so, click on "Personal data" -> "Name" in the navigation column on the left and select the desired display name there.

    How can I generate another email name?
    If you would like to use an e-mail address with a name of your choice (e.g. FirstName.Surname@uni-muenster.de), you can set up a so-called preferred e-mail name. You can enter this name, as well as five other e-mail names, in the IT portal under the heading "Email" –> "Email names". The preferred e-mail name is also the one that will be displayed when you send your e-mails and in the WWU person search (the latter applies only to employees). E-mails sent to one of the registered addresses end up in the same inbox as e-mails sent to the main e-mail address (WWU-ID@uni-muenster.de). It is not possible to register for university services with a preferred e-mail name. Only valid WWU IDs are accepted there.

    How can I change my Exchange display name?
    If your first or last name consists of several components (e.g. double-barrelled name , middle name, etc.), you can change the Exchange displayname of an e-mail address in the IT portal by yourself. To do so, log in with your user ID and your WWU password. Then select "Email" in the navigation column on the left and click on "Exchange displayname". On this page you can now select the desired Exchange displayname. In case you do not see the "Exchange displayname" tab in the WWU IT portal, but still want to change your Exchange displayname, please contact WWU IT via phone (83-31600) or email.