Access to University Services

Information and instructions on all CIT services (e.g. e-mail, WLAN) can be found on our website. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the relevant contact person. If you have questions about services that are not operated by CIT (e.g. ULB or departmental services), please contact the respective provider directly. In this case, an IVV may also be responsible for your question.

  • FAQ

    How can I change my role (student/examiner) in the LSF/QISPOS system?
    To change the role of a university ID in the LSF/QISPOS system or to have another role entered, please contact the LSF/QISPOS hotline. If two roles are entered, you can change the role in the LSF/QISPOS user interface, for example to receive grades (student role) or to assign grades (examiner role). An additional university ID for teaching purposes is no longer required.

    How do participants at conferences and short-term guests get access to WLAN?
    For short-term and simple WLAN access, "eduroam" is the first choice. If a guest's facility/institution participates in the "eduroam" project, the home access data can be used to log into the "eduroam" WLAN network. If it is not possible to use "eduroam", it is possible to use the freely accessible WLAN "GuestOnCampus" of the Universität Münster. Please note, that the WLAN is not encrypted and that there is only a limited data volume of 1 GB per end device and day available. Ceck out  more information about the WLAN at the Universität Münster. If more data volume is required or if the connection should be encrypted, the event organizer can have so-called conference IDs created for the duration of the event. WLAN use is also possible with these IDs. Please note that the application must be submitted at least one week before the start of the event. Here you can finde more information on applying for conference IDs.

    How do UKM employees get access to the WLAN?
    If you have not automatically received a university ID because you are an employee of the Medical Faculty of the Universität Münster (Faculty of Medicine), you can apply for a university ID as a UKM employee at the CIT via the application form for use of IT services, which will give you access to the university WLAN. The application must be approved by the head of the respective institution. 

    How do guests of the university get access to university services?
    To access internal services, a personal university ID is required. With this ID, WLAN access is also possible. For the duration of their stay, guests can apply for an ID via the application form for use of IT services. The application must be approved by the head of the institution. When applying, the group in which the ID is to be entered must be specified. This can be a guest group of the institute or, if this does not exist, the institute group.

    Which university services can I still use after my de-registration or after termination of my employment contract?
    After de-registration or termination of your employment contract, you still have 90 days of limited access to the university services (e.g. to your e-mail inbox, your grade lists in QISPOS and to the WLAN). After this period, your university ID will be deactivated. Please use this time to back up any data and documents you wish to keep. Only in exceptional cases can access be extended by CIT for a few days. You have the possibility to keep your @uni-muenster.de address (without mailbox) and to set up a forwarding. To do so, you must become a member of the Alumni Club of the University of Münster free of charge. Your university ID will then remain active for this purpose.

    Can I use my @uni-muenster.de address even after de-registration or after termination of my employment contract?
    After the end of your studies or after termination of your employment contract at the University of Münster you will not have an e-mail box here anymore. However, you can still keep your @uni-muenster.de address and have e-mails forwarded to an external e-mail address. To do so you have to join the Alumni Club Universität Münster and set up a forwarding in the IT portal. It will then no longer be possible to send e-mails via your @uni-muenster.de address. Furthermore, this function is not available for the Institute's own addresses (e.g. @wiwi.uni-muenster.de). In order to ensure uninterrupted e-mail reception, you can set up such forwarding during the 90-day transition period after completion of your studies or employment contract. This is not possible while you are still an active member of the university.

    Which university services can I use as a former professor?
    In order to continue to have access to various university services, you can register in a special alumni group. Please contact the user administration of the CIT, stating your university ID.