General Terms and Conditions (Printing Service "Print & Pay")

Date: 26.04.2016

1. Preamble
Through the WWU IT and the participating IT supply units (IVVen), the Münster University (WWU) offers the Print & Pay printing service, which is subject to a fee. The sole aim of the service is to support research and teaching at Münster University and cooperating institutions. Print & Pay may only be used on the university's intranet (from a device in the university's network or a device connected via a VPN connection) by registered students, employees of Münster University and the Faculty of Medicine as well as members of other universities in the State of North Rhine-Westphalia who have a licence to use services at Münster University. The service may only be used for the following tasks:

  • studies and training
  • research and Teaching
  • further education
  • official purposes of university staff

2. Declaration of Participation
Prerequisite for the use of the service is a user authorization of the WWU IT. By registering for the Print & Pay service via the IT Portal, users agree to the terms of use. The current terms of use published on the WWU IT's website apply. In the IT Portal, the user can obtain information about his current printing status and the costs incurred at any time.

3. Technical and Organisational Boundary Conditions
For print jobs (standard and large formats) different printers are available at the WWU IT and at the participating IT supply units. Print jobs can be send from home workstations, WWU and UKM workstations and mobile devices. The printers available at the WWU IT and the participating IT supply units as well as the printing prices are published on the WWU IT's website.

4. Costs and Accounting
Any fees incurred and any special fees caused by breach of contract or special services will be collected by Münster University via direct debit. Each user is billed monthly; the billing period is a calendar month. This does not affect other WWU IT services that are subject to a fee. With the declaration of participation the user agrees to the direct debit procedure for any costs according to the published user fees and possibly special fees and the use registered at the WWU IT or the IT suppy units. The fees incurred will be debited monthly by direct debit in favour of the Universitätskasse Münster.

The user can specify an approximate maximum amount for the monthly Print & Pay costs. As soon as an overrun is detected, no further print jobs will be carried out until the end of the month. Since the detection is delayed for technical reasons, the maximum amount may be exceeded. If necessary, the maximum amount must be increased if printing is to continue before the end of the month.

The usage and special fees will be published separately. Changes in fees will take effect at the beginning of a new month, but not earlier than one month after publication. The publication takes place on the WWU IT's website; users will not receive any special notification.

A written invoice is generally not issued. Every user can call up his own fee status in the IT Portal. Users who require a receipt for the costs incurred can print it themselves. However, this is only possible for the just elapsed or previous month.

5. Obligations of the User
The following obligations apply to the user: The user must conduct the direct debit procedure in such a way as to minimise the administrative burden and thus the charges. He may not object to the direct debit procedure without a valid reason or unjustifiably revoke a direct debit authorisation, e.g. prior to the collection of due costs. He must meet his payment obligations. Anyone who fails to do so without a justified reason shall be excluded from further use of the service. The pending payments are to be made independently of this. The change of a bank account without timely notification, at the latest 2 weeks before the end of the month with which the change is to take effect, shall also be deemed a breach of the obligations in this sense.

If the user violates these obligations three times within one year and thereby remains in arrears with payments and must be reminded, he can be permanently excluded from using the service.

The user is obliged to keep all personal data provided in connection with the service up to date. This must be done electronically via the IT Portal. He is responsible for ensuring that his personal data is protected by a suitable password, which must be kept secret, even when using the service. He must observe and implement the technical recommendations for this service issued by the WWU IT. In addition, the user undertakes to accept all other Print & Pay regulations.

The user must notify the WWU IT of any complaints immediately after he has noticed any defect. The user is obliged to check the printed product within three days after completion of the print. Any errors in the accounting must be reported to the WWU IT within 7 days of receipt of the accounting data. The user must collect his printouts within one month of placing the order. Otherwise they will be destroyed without the user receiving any separate information.

6. Obligations of the University
The WWU IT, the participating IT supply units (IVVen) and/or the university administration record the data necessary for accounting and operation and keep them available for inspection by the user for the current and the two preceding months. The storage obligations according to the state budget regulations (Landeshaushaltsordnung, LHO) remain unaffected by this. Objections due to suspected errors, which are announced within 2 months, will be checked by WWU IT on the basis of the data recorded with the technical systems used (Print & Pay server). Further checks are not possible for technical reasons.

We would like to point out that the legal provisions of the Data Protection Act NRW are of course complied with. The WWU IT and the participating IT supply units (IVVen) produce the printer and plotter output to the best of their knowledge and ability using the available equipment in the respective achievable quality. Further quality claims cannot be made, in particular they do not lead to withholding payments or claims for compensation.

Print & Pay printouts can only be retrieved from the existing output trays or from the available output locations. No guarantee can be offered for lost printouts; in particular, this does not justify any withholding of payment.

7. Cancellation of Participation
Users can cancel their participation in Print & Pay electronically at any time via the IT Portal. The technical deactivation will take place as soon as technically and operationally possible, but within 5 working days at the latest. However, the declarations given for the direct debit procedure only lose their effect when all outstanding costs have been collected.

8. Severability Clause
The university may implement additional regulations or changes to regulations with one month's notice without the valid declaration of participation becoming invalid.  Should any of the above provisions be invalid for legal, technical or operational reasons or require immediate amendment, this shall not affect the other provisions. Announcements of changes and publications take place on the WWU IT's website.