MINT-Mentoring-Porgram for women at the FB 10

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a mentoring group to female students, who work on their master thesis in mathematics or computer science. A mentoring group consists of a female PhD student or postdoctoral researcher as a mentor and three students as mentees. During group meetings and individual meetings the mentees learn from the mentor through exchange of experiences. The mentees also receive support in writing their thesis, in career and life planning and personal skill development. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to



The Mathematical Institutes and the Institute of Computer Science offer every year "Ada-Lovelace doctoral positions" for female doctoral candidates. Usually, these are given to two doctoral students per year and consist of an upgrade from 75% to 100% TVL E13 for the whole contract period.

MATHRIX Assistant Professor Programme

Every three years, the mathematical institutes of the department call for two W1 junior professorships, which are intended to make a visible contribution to gender equality in the mathematical sciences. The latter can be documented, for example, by presenting a relevant concept.

Network of women scientists

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has a "Network of women scientists" which, among other things, organizes regular meetings between female professors and young female scientists. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to


Since 2011, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science has participated in the nationwide Girls' Day to interest more school girls in studying computer science or mathematics. Secondary school girls will get an insight into a working group of the department and will be guided through the day by students and graduates. Further information can be found at Girlsday [de].

Individual office

Pregnant women and young parents can get one-person offices with suitable equipment (e.g. gymnastics ball, standing desk, armchair, toys, baby bed, mobile changing table, etc.).

WWU-Mentoring-Program "Frauen managen Hochschule"

The department participates in the WWU mentoring programme "Women manage universities", which promotes women who are interested in a career in university administration. In the round 2018/19 of this program, a post-doctoral student from the department participated.

Extension of the employment during maternity leave

If the employment contract of an employee (scientific or non-scientific) ends no more than two months before the beginning of the maternity leave, it is extended by three months, but at least until the end of the maternity leave.
Explanation: During maternity leave, the statutory health insurance pays a maternity allowance of 13 euros per day, which is increased by the employer to the average monthly net. If the employment contract ends before or during maternity leave, the employer will no longer be required to pay the supplement. Then only the Krankengeld of the health insurance will be paid. An early start of the parental allowance is also possible, but all this brings financial disadvantages.

Further information can be found on the pages of the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster.