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The goal of the Ada Lovelace fellowships is to attract and award excellent women on the PhD level by offering a 25% supplermentary position.
The programme was launched by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2016 and named after Augusta Ada Bryon King (1815-1852), Countess of Lovelace, a British mathematician working in the then emerging field of computer science. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace

Ada Lovelace Fellows:


  • MSc Rafaela Gesing (Research group of Prof. Wilhelm Winter) Topic Structure and classification of Cartan masas in C*-algebras
  • MSc Agnese Mantione (Research group of Prof. Johannes Ebert) Topic Spaces of metrics of positive scalar curvature

  • MSc Anastasia Prokudina (Research group of Prof. Urs Hartl) Topic Funktion field (phi,Gamma)-modules


  • MSc Chiara D'Onofrio (Research group of Prof. Caterina Zeppieri) Topic Stochastic Homogenization
  • MSc Martina Fruttidoro (Research group of Prof. Eugen Hellmann) Topic Degenerate triangulations of (phi,Gamma)-modules


  • MSc Maria Beckemeyer (Research group of Prof. Christopher Deninger) Topic De Rham-Witt theory and regular differentials on singular schemes
  • MSc Juliane Braunsmann (Research group of Prof. Benedikt Wirth), Topic Deep Learning for Model Order Reduction


  • MSc Ina Humpert (Research group of Prof. Martin Burger), Topic Entropy methods for non-linear equations with flow boundary conditions


  • MSc Jingjia Liu (Research group of Prof. Matthias Löwe), Topic The circular law for symmetric matrices with correlated entries
  • MSc Carina Pilch (Research group of Prof. Anne Remke), Topic Simulation and analysis methods for hybrid Petri nets with stochastic variables
  • MSc Divya Sharma (Research group of Prof. Michael Weiss), Topic Miller-Morita-Mumford classes and Teichmüller theory